9 Tips To Help You Plan A Magnificent Wedding Flawlessly

9 Tips To Help You Plan A Magnificent Wedding Flawlessly

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A wedding is an important event for any couple. When guests sit down to enjoy the delicacies and all the entertainment prepared for them, they have no idea what went into the planning of such a wedding, especially those who have not yet had the opportunity to have a wedding. The planning is not an easy activity and can, in fact, get a bit crazy. It can also be a source of conflict between the couple especially if they do not agree on significant aspects of the planning such as the venue, guests to invite, and the budget among others.

Some couples may prefer to take a back seat and opt to hire a wedding planner to set everything for them. However, if you are working with a budget, wedding planners may be slightly expensive for you. Other couples may prefer to get fully involved in the planning of their wedding and understand every detail.

If you wish to be hands on with your wedding planning, here are fantastic tips to guide you and ensure your wedding is runs smoothly.

Work with a calendar

Once you set your wedding date, you should list down all the things that you intend to carry out before the wedding. Agree with your partner the timelines that each of the activities will take place and mark the dates on your calendar. Working with deadlines will ensure you are not running late and everything is flowing as scheduled.

Delegate the work

Though you may wish to get involved in all the activities of your wedding planning, it is not possible to be everywhere. Delegate the duties and agree on deadlines. For instance, you can agree with your partner on who is to book the venue, visit service providers among others. On your calendar, or in your diary, mark an activity as complete once done.

Agree on a budget

Weddings are expensive, and they require finances. Come up with a budget and the source of money. If you are financing the wedding all alone, you may need to cut down on some expenses to save money for your honeymoon. Ensure you stick to your budget no matter the kind of pressure to spend more.

Choose vendors carefully

You may be an excellent planner, but vendors can end up spoiling your day. When selecting vendors to work with, find out the kind of services they offer from your friends or their customers. Agree on timelines and keep checking on their progress to ensure they are taking care of your interests. If for instance, you have opted to go for tailor made clothes for your bridal team, agree on the delivery dates. Do not make full payments until they deliver to your satisfaction. Approach a reliable bridal boutique for your wedding or evening gown rental to find the best packages that can suit you and your partner in terms of product and service quality.

Take time and rest

Planning a wedding is likely to occupy all your time, especially running from one vendor to another. You also have lots of shopping to do before the big day. In the middle of all this craziness, you may end up getting too fatigued. Turning up for your wedding looking too tired because of the planning is not acceptable. Occasionally, take a break from all the activities and bond with your partner. It will also be an excellent time for you to plan your future and enjoy each other’s company.

It will not be all smooth

It will be naïve to think that everything will fall into place and turn out just perfect. If this is your assumption, then you are in for a shock. Prepare yourself for disappointments. Think about how to handle them when they occur. Service providers will fail, vendors will do things contrary to your instructions, and your most trusted friend will fail you. Always be ready for the unexpected.

Work with alternatives

To keep your sanity, always work with an alternative plan you can fall back on in case your initial plan fails. When engaging service providers, avoid working with your wedding dates. Agree on deadlines probably a month before the wedding. The allowance in time will give you adequate time to engage your plan B. If you have settled on an outdoor venue, think about the weather and have a wet weather plan as well.

Choose a suitable venue for an evening party

If you wish to extend your wedding and enjoy an evening party with your guests, consider an appropriate place that will be easily accessible by your guests. Singapore has beautiful locations that you can use as both a wedding reception as well as a dinner party venue.


You will require a lot of research as you plan your wedding. The research will help you understand some of the terminologies used in weddings. It will also give you an idea of where you can get your essentials for the wedding like which bridal studios should you go to rent your wedding gowns. With such information, you will not be shopping blindly, but with a figure in mind. The research will also give you leads on some of the best vendors and service providers in Singapore.

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting. However, it can also turn out to be a nightmare if you are too rigid or you are not working with a planner. Use the tips above and enjoy every aspect of your wedding. While at it, calm down and remember to take some time and rest. You will focus more if you are relaxed and not under too much pressure.