7 things you least expect when you’re searching for your dream wedding dress

7 things you least expect when you’re searching for your dream wedding dress

Featuring tips extracted from Z Wedding’s “Happiness At Z Wedding” workshop on 10 & 11 Dec 2016 as shared by in-house gown designers (on segment “Choosing the right wedding gown”)

1. Your dream wedding gown may not be as different or unique as what you’d think.


Does a see-through wedding gown, mermaid style wedding dress or simply, a white, low-back evening gown sound familiar?

Not only to you, but also to the gown designers at Z Wedding – they have been hearing these exact same terms coming from countless of their female clients or brides-to-be.

Influential and convenient social media tools like Pinterest and Instagram have certainly helped many brides-to-be gain inspiration on what kind of wedding gown would make a woman look a thousand bucks, even if she is not a celebrity or superstar.


It is no wonder that certain trending wedding gown styles have been amassing such popularity and are mentioned in almost every Singaporean bride-to-be’s first words on the kind of wedding day dress she wants. These popular terms are as mentioned, “see-through”, “mermaid”, and “low-back” wedding gowns.

Have we read your mind?

Not exactly, but it’s because what is circulated online and looks absolutely gorgeous could easily appeal to every bride-to-be.

2. Pinterest / Instagram are the most popular social media platforms to look for wedding gown inspiration

Do you find yourself guilty of a Pinterest or Instagram addiction just before your wedding? These two apps are the hottest places online that are helping brides-to-be figure out and plan what kind of wedding dresses are in trend, and simply opening their eyes up to the array of beautiful gowns available in the market.

However, these gorgeous pictures –however dreamy and perfect they may appear- should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Since every woman has a different body type, one should always explore the possibility that what one desires as our dream wedding dress, may look perfect in pictures online, but may not work out ideally in real life. Perhaps, something else could become your “dream” dress when you make a visit to a wedding gown boutique. This also brings us to our next topic…

 3. There’s no one dress that fits all

We are all very familiar with the word “free size”, and we are also guilty of owning a couple of said clothes just because they are easily available and cheap. These free-sized items are typically mass-produced to cut costs and time. It doesn’t take an expert to realize that wedding gowns, however, are quite the opposite.

A wedding gown is exquisitely designed, demanding time and effort in order for it to be streamlined to the bride-to-be’s fit and liking. They simply cannot be mass-produced, much less to say come in a “free size”, one-dress-fits-all concept.


There is a vast array of different styles and cutting for different body shapes and sizes; be it tall, petite, skinny or curvy. The wedding gowns can feature designs that include a toga, off-shoulder, heart-shaped, halter or asymmetric style – every style possible to cater to the needs and desires of each unique bride-to-be.

There is simply no short cut when it comes to finding a suitable wedding gown for you. Take pride in searching for a great wedding number, along with the best type of professional help and advice from our in-house designers. They will be able to select and offer you beautiful wedding gown options that can truly maximize your best traits and hide any of your flaws.

4. Don’t be fixated on that one “dream” wedding dress


In short, keep an open mind towards receiving professional advice from designers on wedding dress styles that could suit you even better than those you’ve seen online (yes, the ones you’ve thought to be “the one”).

5. Your wedding dress is going to be heavy, hence it’s important to choose a dress that gives structure and maximizes your comfort

It is crucial to realize that wedding gowns pack a punch – they are as beautiful as they are heavy. The gorgeous layers (that go on forever) and strong structure do not come without a cost.

For women who are used to lightweight and convenient everyday clothes, wearing your wedding gown is going to take some getting used to.

As such, over at Z Wedding, it is a practice for our designers to use a total of sixteen bones on the torso (or top portion of the wedding gown, eg. corset) for a rigid structure to ensure that there is no need for another inner corset layer that could further weigh you down. At the same time, it gives the wearer better posture and even has waist-slimming effects. Gone also, are your worries of unconsciously tugging on your corset top every other minute since you’re afraid it’ll keep falling down.

6. Your wedding dress could determine if you become a social media queen or not


Being the lady of the night on your wedding day means that all eyes will be fixated on you. With a great fitting and beautiful wedding gown, there’s really nothing to be worried about when your wedding guests go on paparazzi mode.

However, if your wedding dress is something you didn’t plan properly for, and if you also neglect practicing walking in your gown conscientiously – becoming a social media no-no is unfortunately likely to happen.

You, or your photographer can edit the images, but your friends or guests may not. Making sure that you choose a wedding dress that is suitable and comfortable sets a good foundation for the rest of your wedding day. Moving on, you won’t even have to worry about appearing less than perfect in other people’s pictures of you on your big day.

7. Do not try to plan it out all by yourself!

Save time – in short, amp up efficiency and productivity in your own wedding planning by delegating tasks to people who know best. It is simply not a good idea to try to handle a hundred tasks by yourself, even if you want a say in every one of them.

Start by speaking with professional wedding gown designers who have the experience and expertise to give you what you need and desire.

Over at Z Wedding, we are more than ready to cater to all your needs and wants for that dream wedding you’ve been speaking of since day 1.

We want to help you bring out the best in you.

Stunning engagement dresses, wedding day dresses and custom wedding gowns – you name it and we have it.

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