6 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

6 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Planning a wedding is not a very easy task as there are many things involved in the preparation process. The most important of them all is finding the perfect wedding gown for the bride. Choosing the perfect wedding gown in Singapore is quite strenuous and tiresome. However, the following tips will help you make the best choice.

1. Consider the location and time of the wedding

The location and time of your wedding are two important factors that will help you narrow down your search. For example, if you plan to have a beach wedding during the daytime, a ball gown with a long train will not be suitable for your wedding. Furthermore, you might want to avoid wearing a short wedding dress if you plan to have a traditional ceremony in the church.

2. Set a budget and stick to it

Determine how much you want to spend on the wedding gown. The best option will be to let the bridal consultant at the bridal shop know what your budget is before you look at the dresses. When setting a budget for a Singapore bridal gown, ensure that it is all inclusive of alterations, dry cleaning, and even professional pressing if possible.

3. Begin your search early

It would be more convenient for you if you start shopping for a wedding gown as soon as six to nine months before your wedding. This way you will have enough time to choose your ideal wedding gown.

Do a comprehensive research

Search online and even in bridal magazines to learn more about different fabrics, the lexicon used, and possible silhouettes so that you can convey exactly what you want at the bridal shop. The staff at the shop will then be able to assist you better, as they will have a clearer idea of what you want.

4. Shop with someone you trust

Avoid going shopping for a wedding gown alone, as you may want a second opinion when you are trying on the dresses. If you bring along someone you trust to make honest comments, you may be able to choose a more ideal dress. However, do not bring along a whole entourage as the differing opinions may confuse you. It will be best to bring along any accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day, like a necklace, shoes or even the veil to assist your search.

5. Keep an open mind

Do keep an open mind when you are looking at the dresses as you may find a beautiful dress that you did not expect to suit you. However, if you truly dislike a dress, do not hesitate to reject it even if your friends like it.

6. Focus on the fit of the dress, not the size

It will be important to remember that wedding dresses are usually smaller than ready-made dresses. Do not insist on getting the size that you usually wear, because a standard size 8 might be a size 12 for a wedding gown. In any case, a wedding dress can be altered if it is too big for you while a too small dress will be hard to alter.

Finally, it is important that you find a gown that flatters your body shape. Singapore wedding gowns come in different shapes and sizes. You wedding stylist can help you to determine the Singapore wedding gown and evening dress that will best fit the shape of your body.