5 Types of Wedding Dress Silhouettes for Your Figure

5 Types of Wedding Dress Silhouettes for Your Figure

On your wedding day, your wedding dress will likely capture everyone’s attention as you walk down the aisle and even throughout the ceremony. Even for a wedding photo shoot, wearing a beautiful wedding gown that flatters your figure will only make you look even more stunning.

As not every bride will have the same body shape, choosing a bridal gown is certainly not a one style fits all process. Brides will likely look better in a bridal dress that best matches their body shape. Below are 5 types of wedding dress silhouettes to suit a variety of figures.

1. Ball Gown

Even though the ball gown is perhaps the most traditional wedding dress shape, it is still trendy as it flatters many body figures. With a fitted bodice and a voluminous full skirt that flares at the waist, this wedding dress silhouette is an ideal fairy tale dress. With its classic style, the ball gown wedding dress is perfect for those that want a stunning dress that looks like it was meant for royalty.

This style of dress highlights the narrowness of your midsection while the full skirt conceals the hips and legs, making this dress ideal for those that are pear-shaped. However, if you are petite, you should avoid this style of bridal dress, as it will probably overwhelm your small frame.

2. A-line

Another classic silhouette, the A-line style is a popular choice amongst those that want a more formal wedding. Similar to the ball gown, the A-line bridal gown has a fitted bodice with the bottom flaring out to the ground, creating an “A”. However, the lower part of the dress is less voluminous than the ball gown style, making it ideal for those that want a simpler look.

The greatest benefit of this particular style of bridal dress is that it is perfect for all body figures, even for those with a petite figure as the A-line dress elongates the torso. Additionally, the fitted bodice creates an illusion of a narrower waist, and the flared bottom hides wider hips.

3. Fit and Flare

The fit and flare style is similar to the A-line style, as the cutting of these dresses are similar, although the fit and flare style is more form fitting. Under the fit and flare style, there is the Mermaid style and the Trumpet style.

Both the Mermaid and the Trumpet style are more sensual as the top of the dress hugs the body while the bottom flares out closer to the body. The difference lies in how the Mermaid style flares out at knee length while the Trumpet style flares out at mid-thigh.

The Mermaid style creates the illusion of a fuller hourglass figure, which makes it best for brides that wish to accentuate their curves. However, if you intend to move around a lot on your wedding day (to dance), this style of dress may not be the best for you, as it does not allow much movement.

The Trumpet style will be more suitable for you if you have an hourglass figure, as the top part of the dress will hug your waist closely. If you have a pear or apple-shaped body, this style may not be ideal for you, as it will draw attention to your stomach and hip area.

4. Tea Length

Tea length dresses are a great choice for the modern bride that prefers to have a sweeter yet unique look. The dress will fall between your ankle and knee, making it an excellent choice for brides that wish to flaunt their legs.

5. Short Dresses

Short wedding dresses has a hemline that ends above the knees, and is a perfect choice for brides that prefers to defy traditions. Although this style of dress may look too informal, intricate detailing can elevate the dress and make them look more elegant. Similar to the tea length style, short wedding dresses are a fantastic choice for brides looking to show off their legs.

Although the entire process of trying to find a wedding dress may be confusing, the consultant at the bridal boutique will be of great assistance. With her experience and talented eyes, you will certainly find a beautiful dress for your special day. Do remember that the above suggestions are not strict rules, as what matters the most is that you love the dress and feel amazing in it on your special day.