5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Theme

5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Theme

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You have chosen the wedding date, the venue and everything is all set for your big day. However, you still have the theme for your wedding that is still giving you sleepless nights. The theme you settle for will define the overall look of your wedding, from the photos to the mood for the wedding. The theme will also determine the colours adopted by the bridal entourage. Therefore, it is important for you to think through your theme before settling for it.

The theme you choose can be anything from your favourite colours, one you spotted in a wedding show or a bridal magazine or even borrowed from your friend’s wedding theme. Choosing the wedding theme does not have to be such a daunting affair. You only need to think about what you intend to achieve and go for it. The following guidelines will make the exercise a lot easier for you than you ever imagined! Follow the tips and come up with your perfect wedding theme.

The venue

When thinking about your theme, think about the place of the wedding. Go for a theme that will complement the venue. If you have chosen an outdoor theme, think about the colours that will work in harmony with the venue and bring out the best in your wedding. If you have chosen one of the beaches in Singapore as the reception for your wedding, you can think of a more relaxed theme that will work with the beach setting.

Your story

Every wedding is unique. Every couple has a different story to tell about how their love story started. It could be where you met, your career backgrounds, or even your childhood memories if you are lucky to be childhood sweethearts. You can use your story to inspire the kind of theme you choose. If you met on a trip to one of the exotic places in Singapore for instance, you could use that as your theme. It could even be your career paths. Whatever your story is, use it to come up with an excellent theme for your wedding.

The mood

Colors have a way of arousing emotions in us. Just like the way we settle for different colours for different rooms in our homes, wedding themes should also be considered in the same way. You may go for bright colours in your bedroom to set the mood for a great rest, or warm colours for the living room to create an inviting and warm feeling to your living room. In the same breadth, you should also think about the kind of mood you wish to create in your wedding. Go for colours that arouse excitement and set you in a great mood when settling for the theme.

Your preferences

Use your taste to help you come up with a theme. Which colours come to mind when you go out shopping for your clothing or your home accessories? Is it something that is likely to make you happy? If the answer is yes, then you can use it for inspiration for your wedding decorations and choice of wedding gowns.

Use the colour wheel

You do not have to be an expert in colour combination for you to know what colours work best when combined. The colour wheel will show you the colours that work best when coupled and this will be of great help to your wedding and evening gown selection. Normally, these colours are opposite of each other. Some come in cool and warm colours and will work well when mixed. Think about pairing a bright and a neutral colour.

Use these tips and come up with a perfect theme for your wedding. Once you are comfortable with your theme, you can visit a bridal shop to choose your wedding gown and other accessories that will complement your dress. However, remember to work with a wedding shop that will accord you excellent customer service and walk with you to the end.