5 Tips on How to Choose an Outdoor Wedding Gown

5 Tips on How to Choose an Outdoor Wedding Gown

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Most couples today are less keen on the traditional church weddings, leading to an increasing interest in outdoor weddings instead. Outdoor weddings create a very romantic atmosphere, especially if the weather is perfect with clear skies and some breeze.

Choosing an outdoor wedding gown will then be a problem that most brides will come across. Some simply pick a dress they like without taking into consideration that an outdoor wedding dress will need to be different from a traditional one, and end up being uncomfortable. It is advisable that you choose an outdoor Singapore bridal gown for the sake of your comfort.

Here are a few tips to help you in choosing a perfect outdoor wedding gown:

1. Think of the Weather

It is essential that you think of the weather at the wedding venue. Consider the likelihood of having inclement weather and the expected temperature so that you can prepare on how to deal with them.

As Singapore is known to be humid with warm weather, consider choosing dresses with lightweight fabrics such as silk. However, if the venue is open, you have to be cautious about windy environments because the wind may tussle your dress. In such cases, consider wearing a gown made from sturdy fabrics.

2. Choose a Gown with Detachable Train

If you want an outdoor wedding venue, it is advisable that you do not buy a dress with a long train, as they may be harder to move around in. However, if you feel that you must have one, consider buying one with a removable train or skirt. This way you can have a gown with a long train to match with, and the option of detaching it, later on, leaving you with a short wedding dress.

3. Choose a Comfortable Fabric for the Gown

You should choose a dress that is made from a comfortable fabric, as an outdoor wedding will leave you more exposed to the environment. A thick and stifling dress will likely increase the chances of you perspiring due to the heat. Chiffon, satin, crepe and silk are then perfect for sunny days when the Sun is shining brightly.

4. Consider Pastel Colour Gowns

Although you can stick with a traditional white or ivory coloured gown, a pastel gown would be a unique addition to your outdoor wedding. Pastel colours like baby pink, soft violet, and light blue would make a beach or garden wedding look super-fabulous as they complement the outdoor environment. You can even make it more spectacular by using colourful ribbons, beads, and sashes. However, you should also ensure that the colour of your chosen gown matches with your complexion.

5. Consider Wearing a Shorter Wedding Gown

When it comes to an outdoor wedding, you do not have to limit yourself to a long dress. In fact, a short wedding dress would fit the occasion perfectly. You can walk around freely without worrying about your dress getting muddy or becoming soaked in water.