5 Things to Love about Mermaid Gowns

5 Things to Love about Mermaid Gowns

There are many gown silhouettes to love out there. By now, you might already have one or two in mind that you would love to rock on your wedding day. A large number of bridal shops in singapore can make selecting a specific gown an overwhelming decision, to forsake so many fantastic designs and choose only one is not a piece of a cake.

Coming to a decision about your wedding dress is crucial. Especially considering the fact that this ensemble is especially spacial considering it would be remembered by others too. A classic silhouette is the mermaid cut. It is a favourite among women and it is crystal clear why it’s so famous. A great example of mermaid gowns would be Z Weddings’ Garden of Eden collection. The shape of this wedding gown accentuates one’s assets and gives you an effortlessly curvy figure.

It is a jaw-dropping silhouette perfect for your dream wedding.
What’s more to love about mermaid gowns? We are glad you asked about that! In this article, we will be giving you five reasons why you need to score a mermaid cut gown for your wedding:

It is Flattering
Mermaid cut gowns accentuate your curves and highlight them the right way. It gives you a sexy look without going overboard and overwhelming your guests. Apart from that, a mermaid cut gown contours your body to help you look slimmer for better photos during your actual day wedding photography session.

Made For Petite Brides
Are you afraid of getting a full skirt and worried about how huge ball gowns can just engulf and drown your figure? Worry no more! With mermaid cut wedding gowns, the skirt falls just along the levels of your knees while hugging the curves of the rest of your body. Mermaid cut wedding gowns give an illusion of longer torso and you also get to enjoy a stunning dress with a full skirt and train!

It Is Alluring
Trust us, mermaid cut wedding gowns have their own unique feel and allure compared to other wedding ensembles. It already looks good on its own but with the right additions, the gown will look even better. The right accessories and details will be the icing on the cake, making the gown even more beautiful.

The Design Is A Lot More Memorable
Sure, the design of each and every wedding gown is unique and memorable. However, there is something about mermaid cut wedding dresses that make them stand out from the rest. Aside from the fact that a mermaid cut wedding gown flatters a woman’s body, it also produces a modern silhouette. A unique and personalised gown will definitely leave your guests in awe.

All silhouettes flatter a body type or another, but having a specific design or cut in mind helps a lot in the planning process. If you are opting for something unique and modern, a mermaid cut gown may be the best option out there for you. Good luck!

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