5 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Your Bridal Gown

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Your Bridal Gown

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Finding the perfect wedding gown can be an uphill task. It takes patience and research to get the kind of gown you have in your mind. With so many options out there, you may be confused about which wedding dress to buy. There are numerous designer gowns out there, and it is common to find yourself confused on the kind of dress to buy. What’s more, there are so many bridal magazines and bridal boutiques in Singapore that have beautiful displays of elegant, classy gowns. The vast range of choices available may end up becoming too overwhelming for you.

If you are not careful when looking for a bridal gown, you may end up buying the wrong dress or even compromising on your standards. Avoid messing up your wedding by staying away from these mistakes that most brides make when purchasing their wedding dresses:

Avoid a dress that does not complement your theme

Some brides fail to harmonize the wedding theme with their gowns. The result is that the wedding dress and the theme end up looking incompatible and will work against the intended outcome. Before you step into a bridal shop, think about the theme of your wedding and integrate it into your gown.

Do not buy your gown when it is too late

You may keep postponing the purchase of your dress for various reasons. As you keep pushing such a significant activity at the backlist, time will quickly catch up with you. You may end up feeling cornered and make a rash decision when you are forced to make a decision in a hurry. Such a move may end up spoiling your wedding day since you could end up settling for any gown that comes your way. Long after the wedding, you may look at your photos and feel that you could have done better with your outfit.

Failing to book an appointment

When you are shopping for your wedding gown, do not just walk into any bridal shop and start making demands. Making an appointment with the shop of your choice is prudent. If you fail to make an appointment, you may end up getting a raw deal or face the disappointment of not being able to get the gown of your choice.
However, with an appointment, the attendant will accord you all the time you require and take you through other essential items you may need for your wedding. Most bridal shops in Singapore offer all-inclusive services like evening gown rentals and photography services as well. Therefore, make an appointment to better understand the services that your bridal boutique offers and get the most out of your package.


Brides often forget to consider undergarments when shopping for their outfits. If you are going shopping, please think about the undergarments that you will wear during your wedding day. You should try on the gown with the undergarments that you plan to wear for the wedding. Failure to include appropriate undergarments in your shopping and fitting sprees may pull an ugly surprise on your wedding day. It would be quite distasteful for your guests to see mismatching undergarments under your gown. Your gown consultant should provide you with the necessary advice on what garments to wear with the gowns they provide.

Ditch the cover girl mentality

Every bride wishes to look her best on the wedding day. However, avoid the cover girl obsession, or desires to imitate the bride you saw on a television soap opera. You are unique and beautiful in your own way. Therefore, look for a dress that will bring out the best in you.

With these guidelines above, shopping for a wedding outfit does not have to be rocket science. Be objective and get the right gown for your wedding. Enjoy your adventure!