5 Makeup Looks to Consider for Your Wedding Day

5 Makeup Looks to Consider for Your Wedding Day

Every bride’s dream for their wedding day is to look their best and polished. Aside from their wedding gowns, shoes, and flowers, one of their priorities is their make-up. Regardless if you are getting your gown from a singapore bridal gown rental shop or having it done personally at the Z wedding studio, it is important that your ensemble complements with your make-up and hairdo.

Picking your make-up look can be quite hard and you would not want to encounter mishaps on the day of the wedding itself. Looking flawless means more than selecting your favoruite brands but also checking if they can last you through a hectic twelve hours.

One way to reduce the anxiety of getting a make-up malfunction is to seek professional help and planning for it early, even if you are going for a Singapore wedding gown rental. Remember, your wedding look should speak about your style and personality. Not just because it is in the trend nowadays can mean that it can suite you perfectly. Take a few days and try on different looks before deciding on a make-up look!

To help you get started, here are foolproof looks that will help you achieve that flawless, lit-from-within appearance that will leave everyone swooning:

Subtle Smokey
If you want to add a bit of drama to your look, consider making your eyes as the focus on your face. Ask your make-up artist to create a smoky eye by using neutral shadow shades and tight lining the eyes to look more “awake”. Apply a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and go easy on the lipstick shade by using nudes with a pink or beige undertone to balance everything out.

Barely There
This look is perfect for a morning ceremony. Most brides would opt for this kind of look since they want their wedding dress to be the center of attention. Having barely noticeable make up will let you look bright and alive. Just focus on the bronzer for that sun-kissed skin. Use make-up shades that are light but still give your face a punch of color to avoid looking washed out. A nude pink shade is always a great choice for this kind of look.

Romantic Pink
Go easy with your eye make-up for this look and make your lips the center of attention. Choose a lipstick shade with a rosy undertone to help balance the look while selecting light, shimmery neutral shades for your eyes. Baby pink blush gives you just the right amount of flush for a fresh, glowing looking skin.

Dramatic Eyes
If your wedding ceremony is to be held just before sunset, bolder eye make-up is the perfect look for you! To balance everything, choose a lipstick shade that borders on beige and is almost the same color of your lips. You can go for a cat eye look and smoke it out for added drama and texture.

Classic Red
Who says you cannot wear red on your wedding day? Keep everything on your face looking as natural as possible by sticking to earthy shades except for your lips. Keeping everything simple and donning the perfect pair of Hollywood red lips is definitely a head turner!

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