5 Invigorating Ways To Be That Beautiful & Confident Bride

5 Invigorating Ways To Be That Beautiful & Confident Bride


Your wedding preparations are almost being fully taken care of; everything seems in place and ready to go. Suddenly, you remember that you had almost forgot about investing that same time and effort that you had put on everything else – on yourself instead, the bride-to-be.

Do you immediately start thinking of undertaking a crash diet to be the skinniest you can be on your wedding day? Do the thoughts of the many things you still have to do on the wedding day itself start to overwhelm you?

Take a deep breath. There is no quick fix for becoming that perfect superstar-bride overnight. We have put together some real (and achievable) tips on how you can be a confident and beautiful bride on the biggest day of your life.

  1. Adopt Good Eating Habits

 Beauty comes from within – this phrase sounds familiar?

Inner beauty often refers to your personality and character, but the importance of treating your body right with healthy foods is equally important in creating a beautiful, wholesome body.

If you truly desire to emanate the confidence of a happy bride, it starts with the root, which is what goes into your body. Make it a point to start cutting down on sugary, salty and processed food, as well as caffeine, which is dehydrating (coffee lovers should drink coffee in moderation).Starting with your mornings – boost your energy with superfoods by adding them into your daily muesli bowls. Superfoods like avocado and chia seeds are easily available in supermarkets. As you can see, it really doesn’t take much effort to start eating better.

Starting with your mornings – boost your energy with superfoods by adding them into your daily muesli bowls. Superfoods like avocado and chia seeds are easily available in supermarkets. As you can see, it really doesn’t take much effort to start eating better.

Instead of being hell-bent on losing weight and dieting –which undeniably many brides-to-be automatically do– the method is to eat whenever you are hungry, but eat the right types of food. Eating right and in appropriate portions will make you feel energised throughout the day, instead of feeling sluggish and lousy. When you start eating well, these positive changes will reflect in your physical appearance, as well as mood. 

  1. Exercising Is Key To Achieving Skin Radiance & Body Confidence

Exercising regularly –or even at all– will bring about positive changes to your overall well-being. If you desire a radiant complexion, great skin and a good boost of endorphins to maintain a good mood – exercising is your best bet. Even with a bride-to-be’s hectic work and wedding planning schedule, it is necessary to take some time out.

Try out those yoga or muay thai classes you’ve been meaning to take! If you really want to be that confident and radiant bride, you have to fork out the time and effort to induce positive change in your life. 

  1. Find The Perfect Wedding Dress That Suits You


Every woman has a different body type and shape. Wedding dresses may often be customizable, but not to the extent that any dress can be changed to a perfect fit and aesthetic overnight.

It takes time and effort, with a lot of professional advice and understanding to find a suitable wedding gown that fits your personal style, and fits your body seamlessly as well. If you want a bridal gown that flaunts the right parts of your body – you have to be specific in knowing your wants and needs and address any issues with your wedding gown designer and staff.

Your wedding day is a momentous event in your life. In order to recreate the perfect wedding of your dreams, you’ll have to take charge, not be afraid to ask questions.

  1. Practice, Practice & Practice

In an incredibly fast-paced society like Singapore, we hardly stop for anything. However, as a Singaporean bride-to-be, you work as much as you deserve the best for your wedding.

It is important to put in the effort in order to achieve your dream wedding and how you had pictured yourself walking down the aisle. Getting enough practice of walking, and moving in your new wedding outfit (dress, shoes, headdress, everything!) is crucial in determining the end result – whether you’ll be able to pull off everything on the very aisle.

Imagine yourself like a model walking down a runway – everything boils down to practice so that you’ll get used to how the entire outfit feels on you and how to move around naturally with them.

  1. Your Husband-To-Be Thinks You’re Beautiful – & So Should You!


Last but not least, it is important to remember who you’re marrying and why he is going to marry you. This man believes wholeheartedly, that you are beautiful, both in and out.

Choosing him as your soul mate and life partner also means you should believe and trust in him. So, if he thinks you’re beautiful, then so should you!

Your husband-to-be is your greatest reassurance, and with that, you should find no problems with walking down the aisle, radiating in complete confidence and pride befitting of a beautiful bride.

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