5 Important Tips for Accessorizing your Wedding Dress

5 Important Tips for Accessorizing your Wedding Dress

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A wedding dress is an essential part of a wedding event and the dress alone can define the entire mood of the wedding. Therefore, you ought to visit the best bridal boutique to accessorize your gown perfectly. Some wedding dress accessories include necklace, earrings, veil, tiara, and hair pins among others. For you to avoid making any styling mistakes, here are five important rules of accessorizing your wedding or evening gown.

Be modern but do not over splurge

A wedding is a one-day event. However, it is an occurrence that sticks in the memory of both the bride and bridegroom forever. You will probably be telling the story of your wedding day to your children and the generations to come. You should dress according to the current and trending fashion and make your big day a perfect memory!

One thing is for sure; you are excited, nervous, happy, and joyous. Most brides become obsessed with accessorizing their wedding or evening gowns and pick every jewel they see, the most expensive veil or seek out accessories that they have seen on every celebrity. Once they walk into a bridal boutique, they only focus on the most expensive things. Don’t make this mistake! Instead, consider the style of your gown and decide what works best to enhance your look. It is not about the price, but which accessory will fit you the best. You should consult the stylists in the bridal studios as well who are experienced in matching the right accessories.

Know your gown

Study and understand your bridal dress. For instance, if your gown has a jewelled neckline, choose a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace. A halter neck wedding dress will look great with a headband or a floral comb while a V-neck gown will appear well with pendant and choker accessories. If you want to show off the back of your dress, choose a sheer veil instead of one with two layers of tulle.

Consider your colour options

How you match your colours can make or break your outfit. Therefore, you should do it skilfully so that every material and colour of any accessory matches your gown. In case you choose a crispy white wedding dress, you will look the best with silver or platinum shades when accessorizing your gown. Gold jewelries best complement ivory dresses. If the dress that you have selected has already been fitted with beadwork, let that guide you on choosing the colours of your accessories.

Be simple but unique

For you to stand out, you do not need to buy and wear much jewellery. Selecting your ornaments well can make a world of difference. For instance, if you are leaving your hair down, you do not require huge earnings. Add a hint of uniqueness by adding your own style. For example, you can choose to wear a fashionable fasten such as a satin sash belt. This little touch can change your whole look without causing a hole in your wallet.


Just be yourself. If you are not one to heavily accessorize usually, do not feel pressured to do so on your wedding day. If you are not used to wearing high heeled-shoes, you should consider the height of the heel while you are shopping so as to prevent your pair of shoe from bringing you lots of discomfort on your wedding day.

The above suggestions are little differences that can make a huge impact on your overall look. Do yourself a favour, consult the professional stylist at your bridal studio and have an in-depth discussion of how you will like to look on your wedding night.