5 Essential Tips For Creating Your Own Modern Royal Wedding

5 Essential Tips For Creating Your Own Modern Royal Wedding

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Everyone dreams of having a royal wedding, and despite the hefty price tag that often comes with it (Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry spent an estimated 21 million pounds for their grand ceremony!) – here’s 5 ways you too, can create your own majestic fairy tale. 

The Wedding Dress

Unlike royal weddings of the past, Duchess Meghan surprised us on the aisle donning a sleek and body-hugging silhouette wedding gown boasting clean lines and a bateau neckline with no obvious embellishments. Even Duchess Kate wore a more conservative gown earlier in 2011, albeit with a little more lace. Good news! The bateau neckline is universally flattering and is great for baring your collarbones and accentuating your nipped waistline. To emulate this look, our Royal Garden collection stars wedding gowns with a bateau neckline and floral appliques that nicely balances out to add just a touch of sophistication, making it a great dinner dress that accommodates to the warmer temperatures in Singapore.

The Makeup

Duchess Meghan showed us how bearing an all-natural look on your wedding day can be equally stunning. Embracing her freckles, we encourage using makeup to enhance your features instead of covering them – making sure you treat yourself to plenty of top-to-toe facials and spas before the big day. Using a sheer water-based foundation and applying a subtle smoky eye, natural lashes and a hydrating lipstick colour is enough for that glowing and radiant skin to shine through.

The Accessories

Wearing a heirloom piece has always been a part of any royal wedding – you don’t always have to buy entirely new accessories, something passed down from your parents may just be what you need to finish an authentic look. A regal colour to use is royal blue – adding dashes of this colour in your wedding can do wonders in making it look twice as grand. Princesses are often seen wearing a tiara, and nowadays, there is no need to spend a fortune on obtaining a sparkling crown. Instead of going over the top with accessories, Duchess Meghan effortlessly pulled her look together with a 16-foot-long veil and a simple up-do. Brides without the same status can easily do the same – our Midsummer Dreams collection features an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with intricate bead and jewel detailing tracing along the neckline, making it the perfect dress to apply the same principles. Or simply choose from our wide selection of wedding gowns available in our bridal studio and play around with different styles.

The Wedding Bouquet

Duchess Meghan revealed a small and delicate handtied bouquet made with clusters of understated, seasonal flowers from a nearby flower farm – a few of which being specially handpicked by Prince Harry himself. A refreshing change to see a dainty, all-white bouquet in exchange for the more elaborate ones in recent years indeed. Fun fact: Myrtle is a flower that never fails to make an appearance in royal weddings, signifying good luck in love and marriage. Incorporating meaningful blooms and getting the groom to take part can add much more sentimental value to your special day.

The Wedding Cake

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry decided to go for a unique wedding cake flavour of lemon and elderflower, going as far as to deconstruct it into four separate layers. It isn’t as much as moving away from tradition as it is for making it more about the bride and groom – don’t be afraid to try out different flavours that you like: champagne, lavender, strawberry and even yuzu. Your guests will most likely be as excited and thrilled as you are.