5 Classic Wedding Gown Designs You Must Explore

5 Classic Wedding Gown Designs You Must Explore

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Classic wedding gowns are timeless, despite the changes in the era. The classic designs still hold their positions in the hearts of many. Regardless of where you will be celebrating your wedding the classic designs of wedding dresses add an extra flair to the overall vibe of the event.

Although wedding gowns never go out of style, it is also important to select one that flatters your body type and one that enhances your total beauty. Deciding on a final design when it comes to your bridal dress can be difficult because there are so many choices available from the bridal shops and it can get truly confusing. However, one way to avoid this kind of scenario is to know what you would want to look like for your pre wedding photoshoot and on your actual wedding day.

Check out some of the classic and timeless wedding gown designs we have carefully picked out to be included in this list.

V-Neck Wedding Dress

A V-neck wedding gown creates the perfect aura of sexiness without going over the top. Aside from being compatible with almost every body type, a V-neck design creates an illusion of a leaner, taller, and more slender figure. It is a type of gown design that flatters your built and makes you look beautiful. However, you should be careful with how deep you want your neckline to be because the ceremony you are about to attend is your wedding and you should consider being modest as much as possible this is also not to offend your guests or in-laws to be.

A-Line Wedding Dress

The perfect example of a classic wedding dress, A-line wedding dresses speak of simplicity and elegance. It has a very structured dress design that fits narrowly on the upper torso and eventually widens as it reaches the hem. Like the V-neck design in a wedding dress, an A-line inspired gown also flatters the body of people, especially those with pear or heart shape figures.

Lace Wedding Dress

If you want your wedding dress to have a touch of femininity go for a design that uses lace. Laces add a flair of freshness to a wedding gown specially if it is sewn against a sheer material. You can go and look sexy without being too revealing with laces. Plus, it also gives a very vintage and passionate look to your wedding gown too.

Strapless Wedding Dress

They are one of the classics worn by many brides, especially in Singapore where it can get too hot with a fully sleeved wedding gown. There are mixed reviews about this type of wedding dresses, with some loving the design and some getting absolutely put off by it. A strapless wedding gown is a piece that only flatters certain people. Hence it is essential that you try it on for yourself to make an accurate decision. One technique that you can use to prevent these strapless gowns from making you look figureless is to carefully select the design of it. For example, you can mix and match different silhouettes to create a figure-enhancing wedding gown like incorporating sheer fabrics on top of your strapless bodice to make it balanced.

Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

Just like the V-neck and A-line wedding gown cuts, off-shoulder dresses are also one of the designs in the world of wedding dresses that is here to stay. It is a classic piece that flatters people of all sizes and shapes. Recently, it has become a trend not only for formal dresses but also for casual attire as well. Off-shoulder dresses are elegant and this shoulder-baring ensemble lets you show just the right amount of skin as well without being too revealing.