5 Beautiful Hairstyles to Match Your Wedding Gown

5 Beautiful Hairstyles to Match Your Wedding Gown

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Your wedding gown makes up ninety percent of your final wedding ensemble and can make or break your look. Once you have chosen the perfect wedding and evening gown that fits you, your job is almost done! However, here at Z Wedding bridal boutique, we do not stop at simply getting the most beautiful gowns for you. Now that you have chosen your wedding gown cut and silhouette, it is time to consider the final touches to your overall look, and that includes finding the ideal bridal hairstyle to complement your wedding dress and bring a gorgeous look for your wedding photography.

What you would want to achieve for your hairstyle is to flaunt your wedding gown silhouette, especially the neckline. It is equally important to choose a flattering hairdo, but one that would not steal the spotlight away from your gorgeous wedding dress. In choosing your hairstyle for your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that balance is key. Our styling team here at Z Wedding has a great eye for identifying and producing flattering hairstyles that will blend seamlessly with your ensemble. If you would like to have an overview of the prettiest hairstyles to complement your wedding gown or make some suggestions to your stylist, here are some hairstyles that will look perfect with your wedding gown. Check them out!

Top Knot for a Strapless Gown
Flaunt those beautiful, sharp collar bones and that gorgeous neckline by putting your hair up in a bun. Opt for a top knot that is inspired by ballerinas for an elegant, sleek, and chic look perfect for formal events like weddings. A top knot creates a balanced, romantic look especially when it is paired with a gown that has a strapless sweetheart neckline.

Low Bun for a Bateau Inspired Neckline
Bateau necklines are classic and very elegant, so it is a good idea to come up with a hairstyle that is equally sophisticated and chic. A low bun that is on a slightly messy side creates the perfect balance to not overshadow the timeless silhouette of a bateau neckline. Although a simple hairstyle, it is perfect for a neckline that is already elaborate with details and design.

Top Knot for a High Collar Gown
If you are someone who loves gowns with a high collar, then opt for a top knot as your hairstyle. A top knot is a timeless hairdo that helps elongate your neck while making your collar the focus of attention. A top knot is perfect especially if your collar is made with dramatic and intricately weaved design.

Soft Curls for a Gown with a V Neckline
Women most of the time opt for a gown with a V neckline as it does the trick of making your body more elongated and thinner. Remember, showing some skin on your upper body especially from the neck, to the shoulders, and down to the chest makes you appear thinner too. Opt for a hairstyle where you will wear your hair down with soft, loose curls. While soft, loose curls may appear very casual, ask your hairdresser if he can do a side part, like a barrette, for a more feminine and formal look that will be perfect for your wedding.

Fishtail Up Do for An Open Back, Boat Neck Gown
Fishtail up dos put a fresh and unique twist to the classic braids. Fishtail up dos are intricate enough to match a gown silhouette made from sophisticated lace fabrics and is perfect if you have it with an open back. It is also very feminine and chic, which are some of the reasons why brides love going for this type of hairdo.

These are just some of the hairdos that make a great complement to a bride’s wedding ensemble. Our team here at Z Wedding are experienced in creating the best hairstyles for any bride and pride ourselves with our zest to continuously come up with new hair dos that will suit every bride.

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