4 Wedding Dress and Gown Silhouette Every Bride Must Know

4 Wedding Dress and Gown Silhouette Every Bride Must Know

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Finding the perfect wedding dress or gown can be a long and painful journey. It can even impossible, especially if you have no clue where to start.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of choices in luxury boutiques and wedding dress rental services in Singapore, knowledge on the must-know silhouettes of wedding dresses and gowns is a good place to start.

Understanding the defining characteristics of each silhouette will enable you to choose the style of wedding dress that complements you and brings out your best image. We’ll take a closer look at some of the more popular wedding dress silhouettes to give you a clearer picture, in order to select the perfect wedding dress.

A-Line Silhouette

The A-Line wedding dress is probably the most popular wedding dress silhouette in Singapore and across the world. Its popularity can be explained by its user-friendliness, being extremely easy to wear and very complementary to all body types and shapes.

A-Line dresses are fitted at the top before smoothly widening down towards the hem of the gown, following the natural shape of the bride’s body. A-Line dresses are excellent at hiding unwanted curves along the belly and hips. With such a flattering canvas, you can easily spice up an A-Line dress with lace detailing and intricate embroidery.

Ball Gown

A staple in Disney movies, nearly every girl has dreamt of getting married in a beautiful ball gown for the perfect princess wedding. An exquisitely dramatic and elegant style, ball gowns are perfect for formal ballroom wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Their defining features are a fitted bodice, expanding into an extremely full and wide skirt. The full skirt allows brides to hide their hips excellently if they so desire. However, petite body types should avoid this silhouette as the sheer volume of the dress may drown them.


Extremely popular due to its simplicity, the sheath silhouette is a formfitting dress that follows your body’s natural shape from top to bottom. It flows through your body and falls onto the floor with a straight skirt. It creates a light and airy look, which creates an ethereal and romantic silhouette.

Sheath silhouettes best suit brides with more petite, banana body shapes. Its straight lines have an elongating effect and can allow shorter brides to look taller and have longer legs.

Trumpet or Mermaid Silhouette

For brides wanting to show off their hourglass figure, a wedding dress with a trumpet or mermaid silhouette is undoubtedly the best possible choice. Its tight, figure-hugging qualities will draw attention to your hard-earned figure for a sexy yet elegant silhouette.

The distinct flair of the mermaid and trumpet silhouettes are for more than aesthetic purposes. They are less restrictive than they look and will allow you to move around freely.

Knowing the basics of wedding dress silhouettes will let you have an easier time choosing a specific dress at a wedding dress rental service in Singapore. You can now narrow your choices down before you even head to the bridal boutique.