4 Tips You Must Know To Perfect Your Wedding March-In

4 Tips You Must Know To Perfect Your Wedding March-In

Featuring tips extracted from Z Wedding’s “Happiness At Z Wedding” workshop on 10 & 11 Dec 2016 as shared by Z Wedding’s Creative Director (on segment “How To Be A Confident Bride”)


Your wedding day is an event you simply can’t afford to mess up.

All that time, effort and money spent – it’s natural to feel all the pressure building up as your big day inches closer, and closer.

As the bride-to-be, a lot of responsibilities rest on your shoulders. You may have a lot on your plate that involves wedding planning. But now when it has come down to the actual wedding day itself – you are expected to perform and carry yourself in the best way you possibly can.

Everyone anticipates a beautiful and confident bride walking down the aisle. Hence, we have put together some great tips from our “Happiness At Z Wedding” workshop that can help you sort out your priorities and focus on what’s important on your wedding day.

1.Assure Yourself. Why Are You Getting Married?


This is a very important question you need to ask yourself.

Is it because it has been a long time coming?

Societal obligations that dictate that a couple should get married, eventually?

Or is it because you actually want it?

It’s too easy to lose track of the purpose in what you do, especially when your life is a busy and hectic mish-mash of to-dos, responsibilities and drama. However, given that this is your wedding that you’re planning for – there is no excuse for being unsure of what exactly you’re doing. Ask yourself why you want to get married.

Live a conscious and deliberate life.

This is a way to assure yourself that you are fully aware of this conscious, big decision you’re making and that you simply don’t want it any other way.

2. Prepare Your Wedding Dress AND Wedding Shoes Way Beforehand


Make sure to purchase your wedding shoes at least three months beforehand and start breaking them in.

Why wear heels? Heels provide you with a boost of height that will allow you to look aesthetically better as a pair with your taller husband-to-be. A huge height difference (albeit cute) could result in quite the opposite. The cameras will thank you later.

Uncomfortable wearing heels, or simply not a frequent wearer?

We recommend heels with straps to render a more stable and comfortable fit as it ties and wraps around your feet. You will certainly feel more secured with this choice of wedding shoes over them killer stilettos that do not come with straps.

With the length of your wedding dress, it’s often impossible to see what goes on underneath. Hence, you want to make sure you don’t take your chances and go with a pair of shoes that you know won’t come off easily and stay securely on your feet.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice!


This goes without saying.

Start by practicing walking in your new wedding heels at home and in front of the mirror, as often as you can. Watch out for your walk and posture.

Pull in family members and friends to observe your walk and give their valued second opinions on how you could improve on your walk. After all, you’ll soon be walking in front of a hundred of guests during your march-in – a friend or two observing you should not pose a challenge.

4. Eyes On The Prize


During your actual march-in, the bride should always stay fixated on a singular object – the groom.

Being absolutely sure on the direction of your gaze will allow your conscious movements to follow. Remind yourself, also, that the whole wedding is to celebrate the love between the bride (you) and groom – it should always be about the pair of you.

We don’t need to remind you – if you don’t perfect your march-in, all your time and effort in preparation is literally lost and gone. So, if you’ve already got your wedding dress, accessories and shoes to fit perfectly, what’s left is really just you. Hold your head up high, walk confidently and smile to your wonderful guests who are so happy for you!

As the saying goes, if you really want something to happen so much, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.

Best of luck!

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