3 Things To Do To Experience Your Own Royal Wedding

3 Things To Do To Experience Your Own Royal Wedding

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We’ve all watched Cinderella, The Princess Diaries or sat through the Royal Wedding. What do they have in common? In all three of them, every girl’s dream came through: the magical princess wedding. Cinderella, Anne Hathaway and Meghan Markle walked down the aisle in the most enchanting wedding gown to marry the love of their lives, looking every inch the ethereal, beautiful princess.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a royal family in Singapore, or prince to marry. While there is no chance to be officially crowned a princess, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel like royalty on your wedding day and have the perfect fairytale-princess wedding.

In this article, we look at several things you can do to create and experience the grandeur of a royal wedding.

Wedding Gown

To start, to feel like a princess, you must look like a princess. You wedding gown will make at the difference and let you ooze regal elegance from head to toe. Your wedding dress or gown must match the sense of wonder and magic of the occasion.

For the perfect princess wedding dress or gown, the ball gown cut is the quintessential choice to look and feel like royalty. Its tight bodice and voluminous skirt are staples of any royal wedding, for an exquisite, classic and yet undoubtedly regal look. Ball gown cut princess wedding dresses and gowns are available for rental in Singapore.

A long train is also essential for a princess. As you have probably seen with Kate Middleton, a long train brings not a touch, but coats your entire image and outfit with luxury and grandeur. A long, delicately designed train will be the crowning glory for your princess wedding dress or gown.

Z Wedding’s Dust Light wedding dress collection has a selection of beautiful and exquisite princess wedding dresses and gowns, many which are also available for rental.

The Tiara

The piece de resistance of a royal, princess wedding is undoubtedly the tiara. Brought back into the limelight by Kate Middleton, the tiara is the crowning glory for all princesses, for both in reality and fiction. If you are looking for the full princess experience, a tiara is essential. However, it is of utmost importance to ensure your ceremony is formal enough for you to sport a tiara. It is crucial not to overdo your ensemble with too many flashy accessories that takes the limelight away from your tiara.

There is endless variety of beautiful tiaras you can wear. From the formal regal tiara, to a wishbone tiara, or even the popular double band tiara, there are countless options to completing your royal bridal look.

Royal Details

Having the most beautiful details at the occasion will unquestionably elevate its royal ambience even further. Saying your vows under a majestic ceremony arch, having the ceremony in a beautiful and dreamy garden or walking under a ethereal canopy of hanging lights will fulfill even the wildest dreams of any bride who wants to feel like a princess.

Finally, details like driving into your wedding on a vintage car, or walking down an aisle coated with rose petals or getting a exquisite 5-tiered cake will make the experience even more magical.