3 Things To Look Out For At Wedding Gown Rentals

3 Things To Look Out For At Wedding Gown Rentals

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One of the most important days for a wedding preparation is the selection of the bridal gown, where the bride tries on different wedding gowns before deciding on one that she would like to wear when walking down the aisle. When brides-to-be walk into a wedding gown rental boutique, they’re looking for the dress that best complement their overall looks and personality.

At Z Wedding, our bridal gown consultants are extremely skilled at helping brides pick out the perfect dresses for their special day. Our consultants will engage brides in discussions about how they want to look on the day, which dresses catch their eye, and whether those dresses look great on them.

Here is a short guide on what brides should take note when searching for the perfect gown at a wedding gown rental service.

1. Bring only your best friends

It’s not uncommon for excited brides to bring her entire flock of friends, from the secondary school clique to office colleagues to her sisters. We advise against that. Swarming the wedding gown rental boutique can make it terribly hard for brides to find the dress they fancy, and harder for our gown consultants to work. Plus, having so many opinions will make it much harder for the bride herself to decide on a dress.

Our suggestion: the best person to bring along is your husband-to-be. He is the one you can most trust, as he will certainly want you to look good on the big day.

2. You will find the perfect bridal gown

It is common for brides to be discouraged when they have spent hours searching for their perfect dress and come up blank. However, with thousands of wedding gown designers, it is certain that a bride will be able to find a dress that fits her shape and look.

When searching for a dress, focus on the frame and shape of your body, and not so much your weight. It is highly likely that your weight will flux leading up to your wedding, so don’t let that be the deciding factor. More importantly, find a bridal dress that you like, feel comfortable in, and helps you accentuate your figure. That is the perfect wedding dress.

And if you trust us, our advice is not to search for the gown. In fact you should search for the right gown consultant/designer to advise you what looks good on you based on your body shape.

3. Go when it’s less crowded

The best time to view our gown collection is on weekdays, when everyone is at work and our gown consultants are readily available. It can get packed on weekends or public holidays, when everybody is free. You might then want to take leave from work to go on your dress search – our bridal gown consultants will definitely be the most available then to help you search for the perfect gown. The best days to go are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

We highly recommend booking an appointment with Z Wedding beforehand to ensure that your wedding gown search is fruitful and conducive.

The search for wedding gowns can be long and tiring, but it will be all worth it when you walk down that aisle on the final day.