3 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider Illusion Necklines

3 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider Illusion Necklines

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You’ve received the long awaited proposal from the man you love. Congratulations! But this is not the end. Instead, it is the beginning. It’s time to get this show on the road.

There are many things on a to-do list for a wedding, but we have exactly zero doubts that finding the most beautiful and radiant wedding dress tops your personal list. The wedding gown is one of the centrepieces of any wedding, and many sleepless nights will undoubtedly be spent fretting over the choices you find in Singapore’s bridal shops.

For all the sexiness of a deep V-neck, or the complementary nature of a sweetheart neckline, an illusion neckline brings so much to the table that every bride should give it serious consideration. Here’s a few reason we believe the illusion neckline is one of the best picks for your wedding dress.

A Modern Classic

Illusion necklines build on the classic lace necklines found on wedding dresses since countless years ago. They take the classic lace neckline wedding gown in Singapore and give it an understated modern edge by with a sheer extension from the bodice, turning an otherwise simple neckline into something that marries subtle sexiness with timeless elegance.

An illusion neckline is incredibly diverse. A plain sheer illusion portion brings a simple elegance and complements more detailed areas of the gown. Lace appliques or intricate beading can be used to inject sophistication and eye-catching detailing to your gown. It adds depth and an intriguing edge to classic wedding gown designs and looks.

Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

A low, sleeveless dress does a fantastic job at proudly showing off your collarbones and chest, but you’ll find yourself tugging away at your dress to keep it at the appropriate levels. You might leave too little to the imagination with a deep V-neck. An illusion neckline keeps your look sleek and sexy while providing an extremely secure safety net over the chest area and prevents any wardrobe malfunctions.

That’s not to say that illusion necklines are slouches in the aesthetic department either! Bead detailing and lace designs will seem to be floating on the bride’s skin. A beautiful and unmistakably sophisticated look can be easily achieved with an illusion neckline wedding gown.

It Complements Everything

Think about the different necklines found in wedding boutiques in Singapore: lace necklines, Sabrina necklines, sweetheart necklines and off-shoulder necklines. Extending them with an illusion neckline is the perfect way to elevate them to new levels of sophistication, elegance and tantalising sexiness. Even a simple neckline will look better with a sheer extension!

Illusion necklines can turn any neckline into an enthralling piece, staying bashful but with an enticing hint of skin and sexiness. They are the ultimate complementary addition to most wedding gowns. Even a princess wedding dress in Singapore would benefit from an illusion neckline.

For off-shoulder necklines, the illusion sheer extends upwards, often finishing around the shoulders. Lace details and the elegant sheer frames the face and extends over the shoulders, creating a wonderfully whimsical and romantic outfit. It also keeps you cool in Singapore’s famed humidity.

These are some of the best reasons to consider an illusion neckline when choosing the perfect wedding gown as you visit the best bridal boutiques and bridal shops in Singapore.