3 Reasons Why All Brides Should Try Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

3 Reasons Why All Brides Should Try Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

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Off the shoulder wedding dresses are not new additions to the world of bridal fashion. Both flirtatious and elegant, off the shoulder wedding dresses and gowns are timelessly beautiful and romantic. For brides who want some skin to show, without revealing too much or making too risque a choice, off-the-shoulder dresses are perfect for that perfect combination of tradition, luxury, beauty and sexiness.

In Singapore, off the shoulder wedding dresses have proved to be more than a flash in the pan. More and more beautiful off the shoulder dresses and gowns are flaunted at weddings. bridal boutiques have not neglected this trend, and you can find off the shoulder wedding dresses and gowns at most boutiques with wedding dress rental services. As you can probably tell, we are huge fans of off the shoulder wedding dresses and gowns. In this article, we will try our best to convince you to share our love for off the shoulder wedding dresses. Here are several reasons why.

Perfect for Bolder Brides
Our weddings are our own, and we should enthral the audience with the absolute best version of ourselves. To do that, our wedding dress or gown must match and complement our personalities, to really highlight and showcase it to our family and friends.

Off-the-shoulder dresses embrace and highlight a bolder attitude and style. They are effortlessly and timelessly elegant and beautiful, while showing additional skin will set any bride apart from the masses. It displays a boldness for brides seeking a sexy and playful bridal style that still maintains a demure elegance, perfect for brides who wish to push the boundaries of bridal fashion styles with an eye-catching look.

Complements all Body Shapes
Off the shoulder dresses are not just pretty, they are also extremely flattering for a large variety of body types and shapes. They complement and wonderfully highlights a bride’s shoulders, arms and neck in an elegant, but slightly daring and sexy manner.

For brides who are slightly more conscious about their arms, off the shoulder dresses with mid-length or bell-shaped sleeves hide your upper arms elegantly and gracefully. Instead of focusing on your arms, eyes will be drawn towards your neckline and shoulders, giving you a graceful and alluring image.

Endless Options
No two off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are the same. The huge variety of off the shoulder dresses means each bride can choose the perfect gown. More traditional gowns and dresses, with delicate off-shoulder straps and squared or rounded necklines can bring a more vintage feel, while strapless silhouettes are an edgier and more contemporary option. From smaller straps to long sleeves, the choices available for off the shoulder wedding dress rental services are endless, and each bride can find the special gown that brings out the best of her. For those with a taste for the dramatic, one-shoulder gowns can be a real show-stopper.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we love off the shoulder wedding dresses and gowns. To find out more, make the journey to Z Wedding’s bridal boutique, the largest luxury bridal boutique in singapore, and speak to our expert consultants to the best advice on wedding dresses and gowns.