3 Reasons Why White Is The Most Popular Colour For Wedding Dresses

3 Reasons Why White Is The Most Popular Colour For Wedding Dresses

In the past, the most popular colour for wedding dresses was in fact, red.

The colour white was never really an option for brides-to-be. Back then, white was even dubbed as an unlucky colour, and was often even associated with death.

However, in this time and age, much have changed.

So why has the colour white become the conventional colour of wedding dresses nowadays?

In 1840, United Kingdom, Victoria wed her Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and wore this beautiful, stunning wedding gown – and that dress was neither red nor any other popular colour for weddings, it was white. Pure white.

That day marked a particularly significant moment whereby Queen Victoria had unknowingly changed the world of wedding fashion.

The white wedding gown trend began to inspire others and was soon accepted by the masses. Later on, this trend even progressed to being a mainstay in wedding fashion. With help from the media declaring white to be the symbolic colour of the innocence of girlhood and a sign of pure heart – the colour white soon took over the wedding industry by storm, and stayed that way until today.
So here are 3 reasons why white remains to be the indispensible colour for wedding dresses;

White Signifies Purity

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In the 1840s to 60s, popular women’s magazine the Godey’s Lady Book states this about the colour white, “it is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.”

White colour began to be accepted by most as the colour with the most positive connotations with regards to the purity of the woman and the love between the couple. As such, white became the colour of choice for many brides-to-be as the one colour they want on their wedding gowns.

Although this remains to be a questionable topic (as some debate that this idea was led largely by the media), we believe the colour white to remain as the sole colour that stands for purity and innocence.

 White is Most Flattering on Any Skin Tone

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The colour white is without doubt, the best colour on any skin tone, be it cool or warm. It neutralises the skin tone and complements most skin colours. White also brightens up any complexion.

Since white dresses work well on almost anyone with any type of skin tone or colour, it also makes the most sense for the wedding industry to produce most of the dresses to be white. It remains to be the most popular choice for brides-to-be, and who can blame them? White wedding dresses suit almost anyone to everyone.

White is a Colour Hue That Works Best With Most Fabric Materials

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A wedding dress could represent the culmination of a woman’s dreams and beauty, merged into a single fashion piece. As such, it is hard to imagine any woman who is about to get married, to choose a wedding gown merely made out of a single type of material.

Women, especially in this day and age, demand a glamorous, luxurious gown that can make them feel a million dollars, as well as even inspire other women as they walk down the aisle. Therefore, wedding gowns worthy of brides-to-be are designed with a brilliant mix of materials and textures to produce a gown with depth and intricacy.

The colour white once again proves to be a charm to work with for most wedding gown designers. It is the one colour that works most seamlessly with other fabric material and textures. This presents a win-win situation whereby designers are able to work in the best situation possible in terms of colour, fabric and textures – and brides-to-be are in turn on the receiving end of stunning, exquisite wedding gowns that complement their every shade and style, ultimately fulfilling all their wedding sartorial dreams.

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