3 Occasions To Wear An Evening Gown Apart From A Wedding

3 Occasions To Wear An Evening Gown Apart From A Wedding

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Often, evening gowns are only sought after when a lady is preparing for her wedding. What many fail to open their eyes to are the various other occasions that one can put on an evening gown at. A wedding should not be the only reason for a lady to dress up! You can wear an evening gown to many formal occasions apart from your wedding and still fit perfectly into the social setting. Below is an outline of some of the events which you can rock an evening gown.

A Gala Dinner

This is a fantastic opportunity to dress up and wear a floor length evening gown to a gala dinner. It is befitting of the formality and at the same time brings out the confidence in you. Most people will wear different colours and styles to a gala dinner so your evening gown will be a perfect match for that. An evening gown depicts elegance, and a gala dinner is a perfect place to play the part. Strut down the event confidently and heads will turn in your direction. Do not be the one who is underdressed for the occasion, put on a beautiful evening gown and enjoy the night away.

Company Dinner and Dance Events

There is no better way of showing your feminine and sophisticated side than wearing your beautiful evening dress at your company event. You will stand out among your co-workers in all ways possible and you also get to show the other side of you that most people do not see in the office. Most employers value a worker who can give a mixture of class and a sophisticated style even in a formal setting. It shows your ability to present yourself well and this might even score you new business opportunities! If there is dancing involved, get yourself an evening gown that will allow you to show your dance moves comfortably while rocking your look.

Media Events

In Singapore, there are many media events that are held throughout the year. From fashion shows to award ceremonies and even the reception of VIPs from overseas, these occasions call for the perfect evening gown. With the media coverage and cameras flashing, there is no better chance to put on a gorgeous evening gown to impress. Dressing up for these events is a way of showing respect as well to the formality of the occasion. Bring your class to the next level with a beautiful mermaid evening gown from our Blossom Courtyard collection or bring a pop to the scene with our gowns from Stones & Willows with dark palettes.

There are many opportunities to put on an evening gown, just as there are many opportunities for a lady to dress up. Make use of every opportunity to put on a gown, after all, you can never look too good for anything! Let our team at Z Wedding find you the perfect evening gown to dazzle everyone else at your event and bring you the most magical experience!
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