3 experiences to look forward to at Z Wedding’s new boutique

3 experiences to look forward to at Z Wedding’s new boutique

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Z Wedding recently moved into a newly furnished bridal boutique. Located on 33 Tras Street, this new location is specially designed to cater to Z Wedding’s beautiful brides-to-be, with each space carefully curated to meet their needs.

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When you enter our newly renovated boutique, you will be greeted with a gorgeous yet welcoming interior. Warm colours have been carefully integrated into the space to help you feel cozy and at home. Each section of the 4,100 square feet boutique is built on the open, airy concept, ensuring that you’re never feeling cramped or claustrophobic. This is a much bigger space compared to the old 3,000 sq ft boutique.

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Besides the chic, modern interior design which will surely dazzle every bride-to-be, here are three experiences you can look forward to at Z Wedding’s new boutique.

1. The open make-up counter

This elegant make-up counter is perfect for you to pamper yourself just before a gown fitting. The station is equipped with luminous light bulbs to ensure every part of your face is visible when beautifying yourself. Luxurious cosmetic products available for use, but if self-service isn’t what you like, you can opt to have Z Wedding’s talented make-up artists work to reveal your unmistakable beauty.

It’s always a good idea to bring your best self to your gown fitting, so you can envision how you will look like on your big day. With this make-up counter, you can definitely prepare to look your best.

2. A large selection of beautiful gowns

This boutique boasts a large variety of masterfully designed wedding gowns, so many that you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Aisles after aisles of dresses are lined in succession, showing off the newest dresses Z Wedding has in their collection.

Friendly and experienced gown consultants are ready to come to your aid to help you find a gown that fits your body shape. They’ll also take into consideration which gown matches the theme and venue of your wedding, to curate the truly perfect wedding experience.

3. Fitting rooms fit for a bride

After picking the gown, it’s time to head into the fitting room. The new boutique’s fitting room isn’t just a normal fitting room. Designed with comfort in mind for all the brides, you’ll be able to feel cool air flow through the fitting room, giving you a peace of mind as you don your gown.

When completed, leave the fitting room to be greeted by our specially designed runway, which allows you to simulate walking down the aisle with your dress on. This is perfect for you to get an idea of how to move in your new dress, and envision how it will actually be like wearing that dress on your wedding day.

The fitting rooms also come with full-length mirrors that allow you to examine yourself in the new gown.

With all these great offerings, our new boutique at 33 Tras Street is definitely a must-visit for any brides-to-be. To make an appointment, visit our Contact Us page and fill in our appointment form.