A 12-Month Wedding Plan Suggested for the Lost Couples

A 12-Month Wedding Plan Suggested for the Lost Couples

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So, you said yes! It is an unforgettable moment when your boyfriend kneels in front of you and pops the question. Moving forward comes a big responsibility of a stronger commitment and new phase of your life. The next step is to start preparing for your wedding! For those who feel lost, we are suggesting a 12-month guide on what you need to do before your wedding.

Month # 1: Make the Announcement

Some couples may not be comfortable with telling everyone about the things happening in their life, but you can at least announce to your family. Start with your parents. This can be a very big decision to make and you want to share the happiness with the people who have brought you into this world. Your parents are a great source of information and you can try getting some tips, things to consider and other valuable information from them based on their experience.

Month # 2: Heart to Heart Talk

Discuss ideas with your husband and do your research. Take note of all the possible things you may need, from the venue, food, dress to photography and important matters. Keep in mind that both of you are going to get married so both of you should share your thoughts about it.

Month # 3: Hire a Wedding Planner

If you are too busy and would like to make sure that things are done accordingly, consider hiring a wedding planner. These planners are much more experienced than you when it comes to weddings and it helps to lift a huge load off your to-do-list. Find a reputable wedding planner and start having your discussions with them.

Month # 4: Make Time for Meetings

Wedding planners would set up meetings for when you should go to a bridal boutique, food tasting, have a visit to the venue and eventually discuss the options you have. While the tough part is handled by the professional, you should still make time to meet them and provide your inputs to ensure you know what is going on your big day.

Month # 5: Start Gown Shopping

This is the right time to shop for your wedding gowns. Some gowns may take up to 6 months to come in so it is a good idea to start your shopping early to ensure you get the wedding dress you want in time. If you are renting your gowns, it is also a good idea to book them in advance so that you will not have limited choices. Explore the bridal boutiques in Singapore and engage one can offer gorgeous gowns, skillful photography and excellent service. Remember to do your research and have some options in mind.

Month #6: Have Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Due to the time needed to produce the photo album, it is advisable to get your pre wedding photoshoot done at least six months before your wedding. Look around for wedding photography studios. A good idea will be to find a bridal studio that includes both gown rentals and photography services in their package as this will greatly lower the time you need to spend on searching for the suitable bridal boutique.

Month #7: Reflect

In 6 months, you are going to get married. Take time and reflect how things are going for your wedding preparations. This is a good checkpoint to divide out what has been done and what needs to be done. 6 months still leaves you sufficient time to make any changes or seek for more help!

Month # 8 and 9: Get a Checklist

By this time, there should already be a complete arrangement for your wedding day. From the venue, food tasting to wedding gowns and any other wedding preparations. You should have a checklist and determine if everything is already set for you.

Month #10: Explore your Honeymoon choices

While the wedding preparations are in order, you can start thinking about where you would like to go for your honeymoon. Check out the latest travel deals and explore your options. You may even spot some honeymoon packages planned just for wedded couples.

Month # 11: Have Time with Your Partner

Both of you are probably so busy for the upcoming wedding day that you forget to have special time together. Have a quick dinner or a getaway just to feel that strong commitment and love you have for each other.

Month # 12: Just Enjoy

Don’t be stressed out before your wedding day. Trust your wedding planner and other suppliers that will be part of your wedding. Trust yourself as well and your efforts in making all the preparations for the past 12 months. Be a confident and happy bride that is the most important thing of all!