10 Wedding Gown Terms You Need To Know

10 Wedding Gown Terms You Need To Know

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Found yourself confused with the different wedding gown terms you encountered when looking for a bridal boutique in Singapore? Searching for a bridal dress can be considered as shopping but on a different level. When looking for that perfect bridal gown, you have to go full-throttle because what you will wear on your wedding day is of utter importance since it is a celebration of one of the biggest milestones in your life. Worry not, as we will help you get through this dilemma and decode various confusing terms about wedding gowns. So, sit back, relax, and continue reading the rest of the article!


This is what the upper part of the wedding gown excluding the sleeves is normally called.


The terms corset and bodice gets interchanged often. However, there is a significant difference between these two terms. The bodice refers to a part of a wedding gown that is meant to be worn outside. A corset, on the other hand, is a shape wear that is supposed to be worn on the inside. A corset is worn to enhance the wearer’s figure.


Similarly to a corset, boning is a shape wear that is inserted inside a bodice to provide structure especially for strapless gowns. Boning helps in preventing the drooping of strapless gowns which leads to a wardrobe malfunction.


If you want a long trail attached to your dress but dread that it will get in the way during the reception or after party, you may opt to incorporate the trail through the use of a bustle. A bustle is what they call a detachable trail using hidden hooks or buttons at the back of the dress. It is convenient since you get to remove the trail when needed.


This is the longest part of your dress. Usually, the train starts from the waist which extends to the floor or to how long you want the length to be. It can be adjusted accordingly depending on your preferences.


This term may is frequently used in the world of haute couture. Basque refers to a type of bodice that resembles a corset which emphasizes the waist. It creates an hourglass shape illusion by creating a v-line from the hip bone towards the center of the body.

Mikado Silk

This is a type of textile that has been popular for decades. It has always been a top choice for wedding gowns because of its smooth finish and at the same time, its heavy weight provides a good quality as a fabric. It also provides a good structure for your wedding gown.

Guipure Lace

An intricately designed, hand-made lace. This kind of lace is full of floral designs that are connected using plaits rather than the typical mesh or net.


A single length of multiple flexible threads that are woven to resemble a braided appearance.

Illusion Back

It is a sheer panel where laces are usually attached. It creates a beautiful illusion of bare skin.

Now that you have decoded several terms and their meanings, we hope that you will have a fun and exciting bridal dress hunting!