1) 23 Years of Well Established Experience

Till to date, Chris Ling International Photographers has over 10,000 satisfied couples in their portfolio. It started out with Chris embarking on wedding portraitures in 1993. Now, Chris Ling have grown to a team of dedicated photographers, producers, directors and digital artists working in clockwork unison, with offices in Hong Kong as well.

2) Unique Chris Ling Photography Style

No other photographer captures the essence of your beautiful relationship like Chris Ling does. Consistency is the key to our success! It is essential that the company takes one day a month to gather the team for a creative photography field trip. Yes indeed, everyone has to be involved so that all the photographers can familiarize themselves with new skill sets or shooting styles. In this manner, when one couple asks for a certain style, anyone in our photography team would be able to pull it off.

Let it not be said that our albums are misleading, rest assured that our skilled team can produce what you see.

3) Personalized Love Stories

In photography, a mood board is used to gather different colour themes and focus points needed to create a concept album. Similar to film making’s story board, it illustrates the essence a couple wishes to project. In accordance to the couple’s interests, there will be different venues featured various settings, wardrobes, and props. Through this mood board, our photographers arm themselves with an understanding of the atmosphere, messages, and emotions that can be created.

4) Exceptional Passion

It is our passion to capture and record your happiness in our photographs. The satisfaction of seeing our smiling customers mesmerised by their photos is priceless. With utmost desire, we want to make sure that every picture is filled with the essence of your love. We want to immortalise these beautiful memories for you.

5) An Efficient and Synergized System

Over the years, Chris Ling has developed and fine-tuned a system that works seamlessly through every step of the shoot. It gives our customers a complete peace-of-mind.

6) State-of-the-art 5000sqft studio

This 5000sqft state-of-the-art studio is an envy to many photographers. So much so that Medicorp has very often requested to shoot in our studio for their films and programs. It is the biggest pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore conveniently situated near Bishan. Spread over three units, the studio contains an abundance of natural light that cascades in from the glass windows. This creates the ideal condition for a soft imagery. Similar to the big scale film studios, the large floor space allow us to create a variety of themed rooms. There is now such a large variety of concepts that our couples can easily forgo outdoor photography, they can instead spend the day in our indoor studio.

7) New Theme Setups

In the spirit of staying constantly fresh, the themes in our studio are constantly revamping and updated. This ensures that our customers will always have somewhere new to hold their shoot. The settings that will be retained, however, are our popular “in-demand” environments.

8) Professional team

A formidable, unified, and dynamic team is what you can expect from Chris Ling International Photographers. Through the years, the team has formed a bond, and our customers are our witnesses. Each year, our team creates 6 new concept stories, and every month they are trained vigorously on site. This ensures that they are in top form and that their skills are constantly polished and sharpened. They put forth their highest standards in all their shoots so that your photography will always be in good hands. That is the Chris Ling assurance.

9) Testimonials

As seen on our Youtube Channel, our customers are often quick to lavish us with their abundance of loving commendations. It humbles us to know that in order for us to continue making such a big impact on our customers, we must consistently deliver above our customers’ expectation. We cannot take things for granted.

10) Chris Ling International Photographers is Synonymous to Wedding Photography

When people come across Chris Ling International Photographers, they instantly think of Wedding Photography. We are known for our wedding photography and have grown to be a household name in the industry. Embarking your wedding journey with Chris Ling will make you realise that having your wedding photography taken can be very rewarding.