The 10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Planning for Your Wedding

The 10 Questions You Must Ask Yourself When Planning for Your Wedding


It might seem like an uphill task to plan a wedding.

However – this may not always be as impossible as you think.

The best way to plan a wedding is to delegate the right people to get work done.

As the bride-to-be, chances are that you’ll become the planner of your wedding day and have full

control over how the most significant day of your life will pan out. This means you need to know

exactly what you want, even before delegating duties to others to do everything else.

Your wedding day marks the first day of your nuptial life from that point on.

These are the vital questions you must ask yourself before you begin to plan your wedding.

When finding the perfect gown:

1) How Do You Know Which Gown Would Look Good On You? 


So many beautiful dresses, so little time – being a big city woman means you won’t

 have the time to try out tons of gowns to figure out the best one for you.

You need someone to narrow down the choices for you.

Colours, textures, layers? There are simply too many decisions to make alone.

2) How to Know Which Neckline Complements You? 

Want to look slimmer with a certain neckline? Do you desire a dress that

will accentuate the curves of your body?

3) What Wedding Gown Silhouette Would Suit Your Body Type?

 You need to know that wedding gowns are designed with very structured shapes to bring out

your best curves. It’s incredibly difficult to know which silhouette exactly would complement

your body shape if you don’t seek advice out from professionals.

4) Which Evening Gown Colour Suits Your Skin Tone and Wedding Theme? 


You may have a warm or cool skin tone, but never really know yourself until an expert

assesses you. For example, for warm skin tones, earthy colours works best. An ivory evening

gown would hence complement you well.

The colour of your dress can definitely make or break your wedding style.

Now when you have finally found that gown of your dreams;

5) How are You Going to Wear the Gown With Confidence?


Worried that the gorgeous dress would outshine you? You need to feel and believe that you,

not the dress – are the star. The dress is to complement you. Only with the level of

confidence befitting a bride walking down an aisle amidst

a crowd, can you find the perfect balance.

6) How to Emanate Your Confidence as You Walk Down the Aisle With Poise and Elegance?

 Afraid to stumble down the aisle? What if you get too nervous on your wedding day?

You’ll need practice, and advice from professionals to get you ready for walking the walk.

Finding the right fashion style is crucial to your wedding. But moving on, you’ll also want

to make a most compelling visual documentation of the entire

wedding process so you can look back on it later.


So, you should ask yourself these questions when finding the right pre-wedding photo partner;

7) What do you Need to Know While You’re Searching for a Bridal Boutique?

It is crucial to find out if a particular boutique has the same vision as you,

or is able to help you cultivate an even stronger vision

and push the boundaries of your wedding.

8) Do you Know What it Takes to Make a Wedding Album Filled With Emotions?



You may not understand much about photography or the terms

like composition, lighting and white space.

Hence, you’ll need to find someone who does. Someone who can capture the essence

of your wedding day in pictures and put a smile on your face when you look back at it.

9) What are the Questions You Need to ask When Choosing a Photographer?

Do you want a modern, crisp, photography style, or a dreamy shoot that takes place

in the beautiful land of Bali? You need to know who can achieve what you

have in mind, and make your wedding pictures come to life.



And finally,

10) Where Exactly can You Find Answers to all These Questions, all at Once? 

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