Event Details:
Date: 13 and 14 Apr 2019
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Location: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973
Fees: Free of charge.

Perfect the Wedding Day + Exclusive Privileges

Get your answers to the TOP 8 QUESTIONS couples ask when they start their wedding journey.

1. Is it possible to understand all wedding vendors in Singapore?

2. How do I narrow down my choices?

3. What are the important things I miss out when I am trying to understand wedding vendors’ offerings?

4. What are my needs vs wants?

5. How do I stay away from distractions and purchase the final results I really need?

6. Why do most bridal boutiques push pre-wedding gowns while ignoring my actual day requirements?

7. Most pre-wedding photographers provide “1 x W and 1 x H”, but Chris Ling’s photographers provide “6 x W and 1 x H”. What does it mean?

8. Should I create my own score chart to compare bridal boutiques before the big commitment? If so, how do I do it?

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If you would like valuable information that you didn’t realise you need, join us at our Successful Wedding Workshop! 

  • Understand all portfolios: Wedding vendors and bridal boutiques
  • Secrets inside the wedding trade
  • Wedding services explained: Pre-wedding Local & Overseas / Makeup & Styling / Photography / Others
  • Guide on finding the right one (shop, shortlist, commit)

Why would you be needing this workshop?

From past surveys, couples find it exhausting to go through all the vendors and boutiques just to find the right one. This time-consuming exhaustion will leave couples prone to making impulse decisions. It is impossible to understand all vendors and bridal houses in Singapore, as a result couples may miss out on the right one that really suits their needs. This workshop is here to lessen your burden.

Workshop Outline

– 15 minutes is all it takes to fully understand bridal packages
– Cover at least 3 bridal houses in a short afternoon
– Learn how to interpret photographers’ portfolios
– Techniques on how to piece different vendors together for your desired result
– Reduce the risk of signing with wrong packages or vendors
– Maximise your dollar to the fullest

About the Trainer

This workshop will be conducted by industry veteran and master photographer, Chris Ling. During his 25 years in the wedding trade, Chris has been there, done that, seen it all! He is motivated to pass his knowledge to you because he has seen too many wedding couples regret their choices.

Why should future couples choose to sign up with Z Wedding? Jyue Yuan and Weina share their experiences of their wedding journey, made possible with the help of Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Having no clue what to do, the couple were very grateful for the team’s aid and knowledge.

Talking about why they decided to sign up with Z Wedding, Yuan Kai and Si Min talk about their memorable experiences working with the bridal studio as well as Chris Ling. At Z Wedding, we offer couples all the help they need, from courses and workshops to consultations with specialists.