Event Details:
Date:  6 & 7 June
Time: 1/2/3/4/5/6 PM
App: Zoom(Live Chat)

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Year 2020 marks Z Wedding’s 13th-year partnership with Chris Ling Intl Photographers! We would like to commemorate this collaboration with new products/packages just for the Circuit Breaker period. We hope this would lift some spirits, and also let new customers stretch their dollars in an unprecedented time.

What’s the offer? Valid only for first-time customers, we will be showing our support and appreciation for you choosing Z Wedding & Chris Ling by offering our new dollar value packages! 
What are the advantages?
  1. Access to all Gowns: multi-labels from local and International designers
  2. One stop, worry free: Photos and video by renowned Chris Ling Photography
  3. Customizable to suit you: Bundles with à la carte selections 
  4. Open and transparent: No hidden costs and no hard selling
  5. Cost efficient: Get the most for your dollar
  6. Personal branding: March-In Class (only one in SG) 
  7. Cost recovery program: Earn back your money spent
Pre-Sales Consultation: Z Wedding + Chris Ling Photography
Let us give you the upper hand!
1. Receive first hand sale information prior to sales event. (Package details will be emailed to you beforehand.)
2. With the information, arm yourself adequately to compare with the other vendors online!
3. Pre-event consultation: Don’t limit yourself, get answers via WhatsApp, messaging, email, or phone!
4. Customise a package even before the event.
Visit us virtually! The online sales event will be held via Zoom on 6 & 7 June from 2pm to 6pm. 
WhatsApp: 9328 6979
We also fully encourage you to read up more about wedding preparation/customer’s reviews/online class/workshop and us if you are curious to know our vision and mission for wedding couples. This is what we term as our “DNA”, the secret to successfully delivering results to our customers! Find us here:  
See you soon!
Why should you choose Z Wedding?

We have the best combination in terms our of bespoke gown collection, professional make-up artists and photography team. As we are the one and only bridal boutique to work together with Chris Ling International Photographers, you can only expect the best result for pre-wedding studio and outdoors/overseas/actual day photography & videography. On top of that, we believe in providing the best for our fashion-forward brides; therefore, our brides can look forward to be spoilt with consistent new sample gown launches and MTM services.

What makes Z Wedding different from the others?

We pride ourselves in offering all-rounded professional solution to wedding couples, that’s not limited to just gowns, bridal make-up and photography. In fact, we believe in providing services way beyond that basic trio by taking care of your final presentation to all your guests on the wedding banquet by providing you with the one and only March-in Class in Singapore.

How will it be suitable for you?

If you are looking for professional service and advices rather than just focusing on checking you to-do-list, Z Wedding’s Open House will be ideal for you. Instead of a one-package-fits-all-deal, we believe in value-added service by helping you build your own bundle that caters to your needs and preference without bursting your budget.

Afterall, with the number of real reviews online and couple testimonials, we strongly believe in being the one you’re looking for. Please feel free to visit our online channel to understand what the couples like you had went through with us :



Marry The Perfect Day With Exclusive Privileges

Why should future couples choose to sign up with Z Wedding? Jyue Yuan and Weina share their experiences of their wedding journey, made possible with the help of Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Having no clue what to do, the couple were very grateful for the team’s aid and knowledge.

Talking about why they decided to sign up with Z Wedding, Yuan Kai and Si Min talk about their memorable experiences working with the bridal studio as well as Chris Ling. At Z Wedding, we offer couples all the help they need, from courses and workshops to consultations with specialists.