Workshop Details:
Date: 18 or 19 August 2018
Time: 2:00PM – 4.00PM
Location: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973
Fees: Free of charge.

Marry The Perfect Day With Exclusive Privileges

Why should you choose Z Wedding?

At Z Wedding, our service doesn’t just end at providing bridal gown and photography, we take a step further and extend to ensuring your final image is pristine and perfect before presenting to your guests on your actual day. With our years of experience, we’ll be here to guide and prepare you on image styling and overall presentation for your wedding. We believe personal branding is more important than just a nice gown alone.




What can I expect from this session? 

Our industry veteran, Chris Ling, will be sharing important insider skills to not only help you fully understand packages at any bridal shop in just maximum 15 minutes and cover at least 3 bridal house within hours. You will learn how to read a photographer’s portfolio and know exactly what to look out for in pre-wedding photos, studio, local or overseas. He’ll also advice on the techniques needed to match different vendors together to create the final result you want. These will help reduce the risk of signing a wrong package or with a wrong vendor, while maximising your dollar to fullest value.

Z Wedding’s Creative Director, Joey Ling, will also be teaching brides-to-be on the type of bridal gowns and silhouettes to best suit you, thus helping you to better gauge the wedding gowns you’re looking for before committing. More importantly, couples who attend this weekend’s session can expect an introductory march-in class (MIC) to better prepare yourselves for the big day!

March-In Class? Why would I need it?

Contrary to popular belief, mastering your march in is way more important that most would have imagine! Often overlooked by many couples who think that this is just a walk in the park, the art of manoeuvring gracefully in a bridal gown is not as simple task. Imagine spending so much effort and money for your big day, only to be unsure on what to do or where to look at during your march in? Or worse… finally walking into the ballroom with all eyes focusing on your partner and you, only to have your gown awkwardly stepped on by him and have difficulty walking in together? If you do not want to look like one of the many who failed their march in, this workshop will be for you.

Afterall, Joey Ling is the only one in Singapore that have been providing such a specialised course, with many couples who have learnt and benefitted from her. She believes in helping as many couples as possible with her knowledge. Free for all wedding couples to attend, she will be highlighting the dos and don’ts during the grand march in, the most common mistake couples make, how to present yourself as a couple in front of your guests. So don’t miss this rare chance while you can!

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Why should future couples choose to sign up with Z Wedding? Jyue Yuan and Weina share their experiences of their wedding journey, made possible with the help of Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Having no clue what to do, the couple were very grateful for the team’s aid and knowledge.

Talking about why they decided to sign up with Z Wedding, Yuan Kai and Si Min talk about their memorable experiences working with the bridal studio as well as Chris Ling. At Z Wedding, we offer couples all the help they need, from courses and workshops to consultations with specialists.