Event Details:
Date: 23 and 24 Feb 2019
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Location: 33 Tras Street, Singapore 078973
Fees: Free of charge.

Marry The Perfect Day With Exclusive Privileges

Why would you be needing this particular workshop? 

From past surveys, a couple spends a huge amount of time trying to find the right vendors to work together or a good one stop bridal boutique. This time-consuming process leaves couples exhausted, resulting in high tendency to make wrong decisions out of impulse. It is nearly impossible for one couple to understand all vendors and bridal houses in Singapore and what they truly have to offer. As a result, you might miss out on the right one that really suits you.

What can  I expect from this session? 

Our industry veteran, Chris Ling, will be sharing important insider skills to not only help you fully understand packages at any bridal shop in just maximum 15 minutes and cover at least 3 bridal house within hours. You will learn how to read a photographer’s portfolio and know exactly what to look out for in pre-wedding photos, studio, local or overseas. He’ll also advice on the techniques needed to match different vendors together to create the final result you want. These will help reduce the risk of signing a wrong package or with a wrong vendor, while maximising your dollar to fullest value.

Why should I choose Z Wedding?

Having been in the wedding trade for 25 years, Chris would be the best person to approach when it comes to understanding wedding couples and their requirements. Been there, done that, and seen it all! Chris also noticed that most couples shop with no prior knowledge of what goes into a wedding planning. They tend to be left in the dark, leaving them as easy preys for companies that can talk their way through a package of things one may not actually want or need. In the end, expectations were not fulfilled, leaving only nasty memories of their wedding journey.

Majority of our couples, who previously attended our Success Wedding Workshop, do so before they started their bridal hunt or was already in the midst of shopping for an ideal vendor. Many have agreed on how much this workshop has helped them in identifying what they want and need, to ease their journey despite their inexperience. Complimentary for all wedding couples to attend, we simply believe in helping as many couples as possible with our years of professional knowledge to get you covered.

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Why should future couples choose to sign up with Z Wedding? Jyue Yuan and Weina share their experiences of their wedding journey, made possible with the help of Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Having no clue what to do, the couple were very grateful for the team’s aid and knowledge.

Talking about why they decided to sign up with Z Wedding, Yuan Kai and Si Min talk about their memorable experiences working with the bridal studio as well as Chris Ling. At Z Wedding, we offer couples all the help they need, from courses and workshops to consultations with specialists.