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Blending into the season’s palette of soft pastels, this collection carries a range of evening gown wear inspired by the summer pastel shades that gives off a warm glow of sophistication. Other key elements that is incorporated into the finished gown showcases feminine silhouettes and scattered floral appliqués.

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“I fell for her in summer, my lovely summer girl. From summer she is made, my lovely summer girl… She holds the heat, the breeze of summer in the circle of her hand. I’d be happy with this summer if it’s all we ever had.” 

― Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

Books and movies often speak of beautiful summer romances that sweep people off their feet – even if just for that fleeting moment of one summer’s worth.

People may argue that a summertime romance is short-lived. Sure it is. But does a romance in summer mean any less if it has not lasted a year, or five?

How does it compare to that of a 10-year courtship or romance? Maybe, they are essentially the same.

They tell the tale of two people who fell in love and stayed in love with one another, just one over a shorter period of time over the other. Of course, the concept of love and time means many different things to different people. It’s all a matter of perspective.

However different our views may be with regards to love and romance – who is to say a summer romance is any less compelling than a romance that lasted through all four seasons?

It was still love, wasn’t it?

Inspired by the warmth of summer, the flowers in full bloom during summertime, and the summer romance every girl wished she had or have had – our collection, The Cruise, will bring you on a journey that sails through the vast blue seas during the carefree summertime, where it’s truly the time to feel young and rejuvenated again.


We’ll let you in on a secret – pastel shades are a woman’s best friend.

Not only do pastel colours soften any look and render a woman a gentler, more feminine and delicate appearance – most shades of pastel are also likely to complement most skin tones and even body shapes. A pastel colour can also brighten skin complexion and allow women to look more youthful, rejuvenated and fresh.

This lavender evening wedding gown incorporates a subtle mixture of different shades of purple and violet to add depth and dimension to the dress. On top of that, the wedding dress also features a flattering bustier corset top with plenty of ruffles to create an illusion of a fuller chest, simultaneously also adding texture to the overall look of the bride-to-be.


This unique pastel turquoise evening gown may be just what you need to reflect your own individualistic personal style and impeccable taste.

Interlaced with beautiful and intricate floral appliques to add texture – this wedding evening gown truly renders a sweet but sophisticated look to the wearer.



Set against a beautiful expanse of the big, blue sea – this stunning evening gown blends in with the sparkling blue background, but also stands its own ground with its sheer intricacy and elegance. It may also remind you of the beauty and vastness of the sea and the stillness of water.


Inside every woman lives a girl with the desire to relive the freedom and innocence of childhood. No colour speaks more aptly of a girlish childhood than that of the colour pink.

A favourite colour amongst many girls or women; this pastel pink wedding dress features an understated textured corset top and an alluring criss-cross back with a ribbon to add. This gown is further interlaced with soft pastel pink floral appliques at the dress’ bottom and back details to add little hints of surprises.

Relive all your childhood dreams of becoming a princess through this fairytale-like wedding dress that will truly accentuate a woman’s femininity and gracefulness.


A sweet, yet clean and structured sleeveless wedding gown like this one exudes sheer class and sophistication. Featuring lovely floral details scattered around the gown in an irregular but calculated fashion, along with a thin and sleek belt – this understated wedding day dress is perfect for the classy and chic lady who holds a soft spot for the colour pink.


Do you desire to put on a wedding gown that truly encapsulates the essence of your sassiness and classiness – yet remaining somewhat uncomplicated?

This intricate sky blue wedding number could be the one for you.

With a sassy deep V plunging neckline and low back detail, this dress really holds no stops with its intricately gem-encrusted top and smooth, tulle layered skirt section.


Another favourite wedding dress colour amongst women is the colour pink’s rival – the colour peach.

An off-shoulder, pearl-encrusted bustier and thin ribbon belt come together to form a delicate and captivating picture. Alluring and lovely, this peach coloured wedding day gown is a flattering piece that awakens the sweet girl-next-door in every woman and makes all the other ladies in the room simply, green with envy.


So, are ready to have the summer wedding of your life?

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