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This range of gowns showcases the evening wear component of The Grand CHIJMES collection, featuring a darker palette of rich and contrasted tones. These gowns are designed and constructed with a fine range of fabric and specially designed cuts to flatter a feminine silhouette.

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The story begins like this.

C is a girl who lives in the cellar of a beautiful, big house. Why’d she live up there, you ask? C may be the rightful owner of the house after losing her father to an unfortunate accident and her mother when she was born. However, since she is just a girl, she was consequently banished to the dusty cellar by her unkind stepmother. She learned to live a quiet life, and that she should never step on the toes of her stepmother or stepsisters, to say the least.

Day and night she would live the life asked of her, and never expressed any discontent. But one fine day, a woman with a head full of grey appeared and granted this ordinary girl an extraordinary wish – the only catch was that she had to return home when the clock strikes midnight, whereby all magic will disappear.

Then, C, beautifully dressed in a powder blue ball gown, went to the most amazing ball she had ever seen, and then she meets a handsome, kind-hearted prince. They fall in love, but all she had left him before midnight was a …

We all know this story. C was none other than a childhood-favourite princess, Cinderella.

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Fast-forward to 2016 – C could be just another big city girl in a fast-paced society, clearly nothing like in the traditional fairy tale.

Drawing the parallels; we all seek the same dream-like escape whereby our prince charming will appear quite suddenly in our lives and sweep us off our feet. We crave for a fairy tale we read about in books when we were younger and freer. 

Despite living in a time and place where practicality speaks louder than anything else – we can still nevertheless escape into a little modern fairy tale of our own.

Sometimes all you need for that is an inspiring wedding dress to allow you to look, and feel the part of a modern princess.

You have found your Prince Charming, and that’s half the battle won. Are you ready for the next adventure in your life?

Introducing Stones & Willows, our range of glamorous, ethereal evening gowns, forming the component to our Grand CHIJMES collection.

Featuring a unique palette of luxuriously rich and contrasting colour tones, this line is exclusively designed for the empowered woman who wishes to make a bold statement on her wedding day.

These captivating wedding gowns truly exemplify a perfect balance of femininity and bold aesthetics.


A favourite amongst many women for centuries is the colour pink which represents compassion and love. Pink relates to unconditional love and understanding, and reflects a giving nature.

Wedding gowns in often exude sophistication and femininity, and are often perceived as romantic and lovely.

Z Wedding’s sweet pink wedding dress offers brides-to-be a gorgeous and flattering alternative from white dresses, while giving an extra edge and pop of colour to the wearer. Exquisite jewels and gems, interlaced with layers of tulle create a luxurious wedding piece that resembles something out of a fairytale.


Instead of seeking soft tones and dreamy colours, some brides-to-be desire to make a bold statement on their wedding day. Hence, a bold and exciting wedding dress colour of choice would be none other than the colour red.

Red exudes a strong and powerful energy, but also balances out with femininity and charm. This colour also attracts positive energy and is often seen as auspicious and lucky in the Chinese culture.


Combining a stunning red evening gown encrusted in gems and a lady who confidently pulls the look off – the result will paint a gorgeous picture. This attention-grabbing wedding gown, with its flattering silhouette will make any woman feel empowered, beautiful and all ready to take on the world.


Do you sometimes find yourself reminiscing about your childhood fairy tales, and fixating on one particular princess – Cinderella? Cinderella had a tough childhood. She spent her time growing up sweeping floors and doing house chores, often bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters who thrived at the expense of poor Cinderella. She never once lamented about the injustice in her life – and remains to be a symbol of resilience, strength and loyalty. Cinderella may be a fictional princess, but we all know her story and look up to her.


You can live your own fairytale-like wedding, taking inspiration from Cinderella’s powder blue dress. Over at Z Wedding, we offer fairytale-like, captivating wedding gowns in the colour blue that also incorporates a touch of modernity. Ranging from an off-shoulder look to a backless design, and intricate eyelet detailing to the popular choice of lace – brides-to-be can finally relive their very own Cinderella-meets-Prince Charming fairytale episode in their best blue dress.


Donned in our captivating blue dress, a bride-to-be will be painting a beautiful image of freedom and tranquillity as she walks down the aisle.


Every woman’s wedding day is the life event that she wishes to look the part of a Queen or Princess. No colour speaks more highly of royalty and nobility than purple. A purple engagement dress or wedding gown creates an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance. Featuring an intricate lace bustier corset and layered tulle skirt, Z Wedding’s purple dress is the choice for the empowered female who demands respect. The dress exudes a richness and quality to it that renders the wearer an impressive and stunning stance. The colour purple also represents the future, sheer imagination and dreams. Choosing a purple wedding day dress –therefore– would be a charismatic and creative choice for the modern, empowered individual.

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Feeling ready to embark on a colourful wedding journey? Z Wedding Singapore is the preferred bridal boutique, specialising in translating your wedding dreams into a reality. We offer a whole spectrum of wedding dress services and professional bridal consultants, because your experience matters. Stunning engagement dresses, wedding day dresses and custom wedding gowns – you name it and we will cater to all your needs. In love with the dresses featured in this article?

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