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Infusing a mixture of the key elements within this collection and placing focus on the amplified details such as large mesh ruffles and bejewelled gems lining the gowns. These elements are set against the soft pastel tones to create a contrasting effect on the overall look of the gown.

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“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”
― William Goldman, The Princess Bride.

It is no secret that the modern, empowered woman is more than meets the eye.

We all have walls we built around ourselves, secrets that we keep only to ourselves.

As such, we venture into the wilderness – the nature, the gardens, every chance we get, in order to reconnect with what we feel safe in; a place that will keep our secrets amongst the trees.

Sure, many others may argue that in this world, in this digital day and age – there are no secrets. Or that our lives are like an open book.

But there are always things you will never know of a person, and these things are the secrets they will keep – and things they will keep you guessing at.

As a bride-to-be, you too will have your secrets and your mystery – in fact everyone secretly yearns to have something special no one knows about. It’s human nature to crave for something in others that they are unfamiliar with. It offers them thrill and adventure in our otherwise structured and open lives.

Soon, you’ll find yourself delving into planning for a significant day of your life. Your big wedding day. What happens to those secrets you keep? The air of mystery?

When you get married to someone, you will experience happiness and love like never before. But, at the same time, your life becomes inevitably connected to someone else’s, and you find yourself having to open up to people who will ultimately become your family.

Venture into the lush and dense gardens, and imagine your escape into the nature where you feel safe, where you can truly keep an air of mystery. What kind of wedding dress do you picture yourself wearing? Does it look majestic, colourful, or simple but elegant?

Maybe – just maybe, you’ll be looking at something quite like these…

In our Lush & Bloom collection, you will find a range of soft but colourful wedding gowns inspired by the lushness and sophistication of the nature and gardens. Our wedding dresses exude femininity and loveliness likened to flowers in bloom.

This pastel sky blue evening gown features a beautiful off-shoulder look to enhance a woman’s femininity, as well as a bareback component that elongates and flatters the curves of a woman’s body.


This lovely pink evening gown features gorgeous ruffles and layers of tulle – creating a pattern reminiscent of a pink rose. Women are often attracted to the beauty of a rose since it has a consistent petal pattern, and exudes passion, femininity and intelligence. This wedding gown is designed to do the same; rendering the bride-to-be a soft and womanly appearance, but also powerful and intelligent.

Along with varying soft tones of pink tulle layers that is interlaced throughout the wedding gown, the texture and layers come together to render the bride-to-be a glamorous yet dainty look.


Our peach bustier-corset ballgown is another great option for brides-to-be who are looking for a luxurious wedding dress with a muted colour tone. The colour peach suits fair skin tones and works in lightening one’s complexion, as well as brightening up any look – making it a desirable and attractive colour for wedding gowns. Since it is also close to skin colour, the wedding gown blends well into your entire wedding look, making it look effortless and natural.


At first glance, this piece may look like a white wedding gown. However, its uniqueness lies in a subtle pink layer that peeks out from beneath the initial layer of white. This masterpiece of a wedding dress is especially great for brides-to-be who desire a glamorous and statement wedding look – but with a hint of surprise to add.


This beautiful evening gown also features a bustier-corset, layered over with a sophisticated arrangement and layers of tulle all around the gown.

The different layers of tulle cascading down the wedding dress exudes a dreamy, fairytale-like image – that truly exemplifies the most desirable look of every bride-to-be when they walk down the aisle.



Do you desire a wedding look that speaks of your elegance and beauty?

This turquoise wedding day gown could be the one you’ve been dreaming of. Featuring a subtle bejewelled bustier and layers of white interlaced with turquoise-coloured tulle, this piece hopes to inspire any bride-to-be to become a princess living her own modern fairy tale.


A sophisticated, trendy wedding gown like this one features a subtle ombre effect of pastel colours coming together to create a cohesively colourful and elegant look.

This gorgeous evening dress is not only reminiscent of one worn by a princess in childhood fairy tales, but in the contemporary stage – you’ll also be turning heads and inspiring other brides-to-be by its sheer elegance and its interesting pop of colour, unlike many other wedding dresses.


If you’re not looking for a gown that is too colourful – this beautiful beige lace corset wedding gown could be the one for you.

Understated and luxurious, this wedding gown is a fuss-free and straightforward option for brides wishing for a simple yet sophisticated wedding outfit.

All ready to embark on this exciting, new adventure of picking out THE wedding dress of your dreams?

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