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Made with comfort and elegance in mind, this collection showcases a range of lightweight gowns, inspired by the simplicity of tea garden dresses, except with more attention placed on the details and cut. These gowns embodies elegance in the form of soft and thick linen that provides ease of movement, at the same time, meticulously incorporates the A-line silhouettes that flatters waist down. If you envision an outdoor setting for your wedding celebrations, this collection range might just be the ideal fit for you.

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“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water.” 

― Roman PayneThe Wanderess

Everyone wants to be free from the shackles of our contemporary society – the stress, the incredibly fast pace of life and the expectations.

In this lifetime, we often see our lives flashing by but we find ourselves hardly moving forward. This is life, some may say.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Sometimes it is important to take time off from modernity itself and the fast-paced lives we lead, to seek and free the wildness from within.

We try – but we will always be torn between two things. We desire the comfort of our modern lives, yet we also desire to be free from these things and live like if we were in the wilderness, free from unhealthy distractions.

Striking the perfect balance is needless to say, a truly tough feat in this time we live in.

In this enchanting collection of wedding engagement gowns, Into The Wild is inspired by the elusive balance between two contrasting and very opposite terms – modernity and the wilderness.

Designed specifically for the modern bride in mind, this range of lightweight wedding dresses are all about contemporary elegance that truly reflects the aesthetics of our time, while offering great freedom of movement and comfort.


An impeccable combination of modernity, elegance and comfort – this 2-piece lace wedding engagement gown is the perfect outfit if you strive to achieve a unique look for your big day, or/and have an outdoor wedding in mind.

Flawlessly combining together both a semi-casual and dressy aesthetic, this wedding ensemble is the epitome of mobility and comfort.


This gorgeous modern 2-piece also features a semi-sheer lace top and lovely buttons at the back. To match, you have a beautiful layered maxi skirt with pockets. Specially designed for the contemporary, sassy bride in mind, this unique wedding ensemble makes for a popular choice amongst brides who desire a stylish and modern look, with a great deal of comfort and freedom of movement to add.


This capped sleeve A-line wedding engagement dress features feminine lace and a semi-low back design for the top section, and a simple yet sophisticated tulle-layered skirt section.

A soft, understated, and elegant wedding look is often the most popular option for brides-to-be. Hence, this wedding gown will do just that – by enhancing the femininity of the beautiful bride, yet keeping it simple and classy.


Do you desire something simple but chic for your wedding attire?

In this day and age, the modern, sassy woman is one who appreciates minimalism – that less is more.

Some of the most beautiful and popular wedding looks for brides-to-are no longer looks that are colourful, filled with layers and textures, or big and flamboyant.

Most ladies today crave for simplicity. Simple, beautiful silhouettes like this wedding gown would certainly stand out on top.


On comfort and functionality – this wedding gown features a versatile multi-way design. When worn as an off-shoulder dress, the resulting look on a bride-to-be exudes sheer grace and allure.

This is an uncomplicated, lovely wedding ensemble that is nothing short of enchanting.

Sometimes, simplicity is truly the best for any wedding look. This way, you can also pair up with accessories that are slightly more colourful, open up your options of wearing more jewellery, and even get the opportunity to explore wearing fancy shoes or a wedding head-dress to complete your entire look.


Does an elegant, all-lace capped sleeve wedding dress appeal to your personal style?

Or would a lovely sweetheart, bustier wedding gown complement your body shape better?

We may have all the wonderful options for you – yet you will need to first take charge and ask yourself how you picture your dream wedding look to be like. Most importantly, try on the wedding dresses with the help and advice from professionals and find out for yourself what looks good on you.


A combination of a feminine sweetheart bustier and exquisite lace capped sleeve pairing – this wedding gown is definitely a head-turner.

Designed to offer an elegant and flattering fit, this wedding engagement gown also features a low back detail, and stunning silver beaded lace sleeves to add that extra touch of intricacy. It is a posh and luxurious wedding gown guaranteed to render a stunning and photogenic look.


On your wedding day, when you are finally preparing to throw your beautiful bouquet of flowers into the air, towards your lovely bridesmaids – are you ready to inspire and pass down the beacon of love? Everyone deserves happiness and success with finding their one true love.

So, are ready to embark on the journey of transforming yourself into an inspiring, confident and beautiful bride?

We believe in you – and we want to help you bring out the best in you.

Z Wedding is the preferred bridal boutique, specialising in translating your wedding dreams into a reality. We offer a whole spectrum of wedding dress services and professional bridal consultants, because your experience matters.

Stunning engagement dresses, wedding day dresses and custom wedding gowns – you name it and we will cater to all your needs.

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