A translation of key elements that places emphasis on intricate detailing, line work and bold structures, whilst incorporating a touch of femininity and glamour.

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The thoughts running through your mind is almost driving you insane.

You are having the most important event of your life in a couple of month’s time, but your to-do list is piling up and you just can’t stop worrying if everything is going to turn out right. You want everything to be nothing short of perfect.

Who should I choose for my bridal party?

What type of décor (colour, theme) would suit my wedding best?

And wait… what about the single most important thing I need to choose – my wedding dress?

The colour white symbolises the purity of the soul.

As such, white is the most classic wedding gown colour of choice for most brides – and it is hardly a surprise. It is the most beautiful colour that complements almost any skin tone and brightens up any brides’ complexion, rendering them to be radiant, glowing and simply, looking happy.

If you’re worried about choosing the right wedding gown for you – don’t be.

Our Dusklight collection features mesmerizing white bridal gowns that could suit any style and body type.

If you’re searching for that one gorgeous yet understated wedding gown that brings out your great sense of style, any of these wedding numbers could easily suit the bill.


Looking for a lovely, beautiful white wedding gown?

This sweetheart off-shoulder dress will speak volumes about the woman in it.


Understated, feminine and glamorous all at once – this type of wedding dress will complement most body types, hence many women will look great in it. The off-shoulder cutting and corset-bustier feature will look particularly flattering on any woman, making this one also a highly versatile piece for almost any type of wedding.


Trains in wedding gowns make up an important element of any wedding dress.

The length of the wedding dress train should complement the height of the bride and should flow beautifully behind the wearer as she walks down the aisle.

For most brides who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, a gorgeous wedding train like this one instantly adds style, sophistication and glamour to the whole aesthetic of the bride and dress.


Semi-sheer or sheer wedding gowns are a raging trend – and it is no wonder why this is so popular in modern times like today.

Incorporating sheer fabric, along with lace or other types of material like this renders a chic and sexy look – it encapsulates what tasteful sexiness is all about. This wedding gown design is all about exuding sexiness and femininity, while keeping the classy appeal.

You don’t have to worry that about revealing too much, as sheer wedding gown designs are meant to carry a hint of surprise (a little pop of sex appeal), while grounding that idea with a balance of chic conservativeness.


Many brides-to-be have insecurities, especially even more so on the biggest day of their lives. You may feel that you have less-than-desirable arms, or waist – but fret not.

Finding the most suitable wedding gown, along with the help of professionals or gown designers, will allow you to best hide the flaws you think you may have, while emphasizing on the best aspects of you.

This high-neck lace white wedding day dress is a unique solution to many ladies who desire to achieve a longer and slimmer neck. At the same time, the waist corset is designed to accentuate the wearer’s body shape and give the illusion of a perfect body proportion. This is achieved by slimming the waist and subsequently also rendering the appearance of a fuller chest.


If people normally describe you as a girl-next-door, this wedding dress could be perfect for you.

Featuring a lace bustier, beautiful ribbon-bow in front and a low-back detail, you’ll be that sweet and lovely bride with a ton of sassiness to add.


If people normally describe you as a girl-next-door, this wedding dress could be perfect for you.

Featuring a lace bustier, beautiful ribbon-bow in front and a low-back detail, you’ll be that sweet and lovely bride with a ton of sassiness to add.


Our captivating sheer lace evening gown like this one is a great choice for ladies who are hoping to achieve a more grand and majestic look, yet keeping things as classy and simple as possible.

A beautiful wedding number like this will reflect positively upon the bride-to-be as someone who is dignified, sophisticated and powerful. Even for the ladies who look to their gorgeous wedding gowns for added confidence on their actual wedding day – this could be it.


As you can see, there are many amazing wedding gown options for your wedding.

Are you ready to begin your search for the one wedding dress that could bring out the best in you?

Z Wedding Singapore is the preferred bridal boutique, specialising in translating your wedding dreams into a reality. We offer a whole spectrum of wedding dress services and professional bridal consultants – because your experience matters.

Stunning engagement dresses, wedding day dresses and custom wedding gowns – you name it and we will cater to all your needs.

Curious to know why brides-to-be often gear towards a white wedding dress like these ones featured in our Dusklight collection? We have put together some answers to your question here:

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